WTF MSM!? The Hogg-tying of Laura Ingraham

· March 30, 2018  
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Fox News host Laura Ingraham speaks at CPAC 2018.
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Hogg wild …

Boycott … David Hogg joined forces with the financial backers of his movement to call on advertisers to boycott Laura Ingraham’s Fox News program. Even after Ingraham apologized for commenting on Hogg’s acceptance status to college – which Hogg himself brought up on social media – Hogg doubled down on calling for the boycott, switching his grievance to Fox News as a whole. Soros-funded groups like Media Matters for America are the muscle behind Hogg’s campaign.

Camerota gushes … CNN has been a gun-control shill network for a month and a half now. The network has not challenged students when they use vulgarity to speak about opponents or call those with differing political views murderers. Yesterday, CNN’s Alysin Camerota moved from “journalist” to Hogg groupie as she gushed to Hogg, “What kind of dumbass colleges don’t want you?” Look, these students have every right to speak out. But the media has an obligation to treat them as any other political actors when they do.

And yes, Hogg is a student, but he has chosen to be extremely public.

Are they being paid? … I sent a simple question to CNN’s vice president of communications this morning via email: “Given the amount of time David Hogg is on CNN, I have a quick question. Is he compensated for that time monetarily? Is he a paid contributor?” I think CNN owes its viewers an answer. Are Hogg, and other students, merely guests on the network, or are they paid contributors? I have not heard back from the network.

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Clueless …

They don’t get it … This Twitter thread by writing professor and sometime political writer Jared Yates Sexton proves that the Left just doesn’t get a large number of Americans. Sexton attacks not Roseanne, not Trump, but those who watch her show and voted for Trump. Here’s the first tweet, and it gets worse from here:

You see, Trump voters are actually evil people who hate their fellow man, in Sexton’s world. Lefties like Sexton don’t realize they are actually helping Trump and other Republicans with talk like this.

Under “pressure” … Comedian-turned-media mogul Byron Allen told Variety that “powerful people” were trying to stop his studio from releasing “Chappaquiddick,” the tale of the night Sen. Ted Kennedy drove his car into the water, killing Mary Jo Kopechne. It is a story that the Kennedy family and Democratic power brokers have not wanted anyone to tell for a long time. Bravo to Allen, the film’s producer, for standing up to the pressure.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.