WTF MSM!? Indoctrinate Me Elmo

· June 29, 2017  
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No Z Cavariccis?

CNN <3s Obama’s dungarees … CNN is facing a crisis in news reporting. It has been unmasked as promoting a ratings-driven agenda instead of merely reporting on the news. Faced with this crisis, what did the team at “CNN Politics” do? They published a story about how much greater Obama looks in sharper jeans choices post-presidency. No, really, they did.

Stelter still playing the victim … CNN’s Brian Stelter, again in his daily email, continues to play the victim card for his profession. This is what happens when you shine light on people doing things they pretend they aren’t doing. They squirm, they make excuses, and they doth protest too much.

Now Van Jones on tape downplaying Russia … In another undercover recording, James O’Keefe and company have Van Jones on tape downplaying the Russia story as a “nothingburger.” You can watch it here.

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Indoctrinate Me Elmo …

CNN uses Elmo to attack POTUS … Stelter has been on a tear, saying that CNN presents objective reporting and is not driven by an agenda. Why, no, we don’t do propaganda! But in fact, they do. That is exactly what they did in a recent Facebook Live that now lives on YouTube. They had Elmo – yes, the lovable furry monster from Sesame Street – say how refugee children are just like our kids. Then the “panel” Elmo was on turned and attacked President Trump’s ban on people entering the United States who are citizens of terrorist breeding grounds. That’s indoctrination, not reporting.

Um, Vox, can you read a chart? … Vox, that leftist website that pretends to be an unbiased thought-piece repository, just put out a mind-numbing tweet. It’s a chart showing Medicaid funding under the Senate health care bill. The text says, “We fixed Donald Trump’s misleading chart that claims Republicans are increasing Medicaid funding.” Then comes a chart that shows Republicans are increasing Medicaid funding. Just not by as much as the current law would increase it. Take a look.

Bravo, Politico … When media outlets do something right, it is worth praising them. For years, the MSM has used Southern Poverty Law Center ratings to label people as racists and bigots. For years, SPLC ratings have been more about disagreeing with people and less about actual bigotry. Politico called them out on this on Wednesday. NewsBusters has the story.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.