WTF MSM!? Just some bank fraud

· July 27, 2017  
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This is a start …

After a year, MSM picks up Awan story … After about a year of the story of the Awan brothers percolating in conservative media, all it took was Imran Awan’s arrest for the story to finally break through in the MSM. Except, well, now they are running cover and going with Awan’s lawyer’s story: that this is just anti-Muslim bias (PDF).

About that lawyer … Conservative Review’s Jordan Schachtel broke the news that Awan’s attorney is a major Clinton Inc. ally. Reading Schachtel’s story, the first thing that came to mind was Tom Hagen — in particular, this scene. After all, the Clintons probably “have newspaper people on the payroll.”

MSM coverage … CNN focuses on the recent bank fraud charges, but at least it says the Awan brothers have been under investigation for a while. There is no mention of Awan having access to some of the nation’s most sensitive information. NBC News’ story basically reads like his lawyer’s press release. CBS News also stuck strictly to the mortgage fraud line. But hey, at least there is some coverage, right? Imagine if this were Paul Ryan’s staffer fleeing the country and getting arrested.

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D’oh …

NYT reporter discovers story … New York Times reporter Nick Confessore found the Daily Caller News Foundation’s reporting on the Awan arrest “remarkable.” No word if it was remarkable because his own publication had not seen fit to look more into the story.

Speaking of Confessore … Poor Nick also made a tremendous faux pas on the Twitters yesterday. He shared a screengrab of a Breitbart News story about lobbyists in Washington. The first sentence of the story remarked how the number of lobbyists is shrinking. The second sentence said that the money spent by lobbyists is increasing. Nick thought those two statements contradicted each other. File under #mathishard.

Story to watch … White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci is on a tear this morning against leakers in the administration. He went on CNN this morning. This is going to be the story to watch today. CNN is reporting that his performance has escalated the leaks.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.