WTF MSM!? Left-wing ‘fact-checkers’ meet their match

· March 28, 2018  
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“Facts” …

Abortion kills … Jacob Isaac, a Republican congressional candidate in Texas, issued the following statement in a League of Women Voters guide:

I will work to end abortion, which is the leading cause of death for black Americans and kills as many as 1,000 black children every day.

Our friends at NewsBusters have a lengthy rebuttal to a PolitiFact “fact-check” that rates this sentence as “mostly false.” PolitiFact uses CDC terminology and the fact that some pregnancies would have resulted in stillbirths and miscarriages to say the statement is false. As NewsBusters says, “All this tweaking your terminology doesn’t change the biological fact that a living human baby with human organs and limbs and bones is being destroyed in an abortion.”

Keeping the “fact-checkers” honest … The Media Research Center, which runs NewsBusters, announced a new project yesterday. “Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers” will serve as a check on the use of opinion masquerading as fact to say conservatives are not telling the truth. The article mentioned above is part of that new project. Keeping the fact-checkers honest is a full-time job.

Oopsie … Sometimes the words just don’t come out right, as Brian Kilmeade found out this morning. Tomi Lahren has been doing man-on-the-street interviews for Fox News lately. Kilmeade, in a hilarious gaffe, thanked Lahren for “working the streets – uh, for us.” Kilmeade quickly realized what he’d said, and co-host Ainsley Earhardt covered for him. It’s well worth the quick watch. This sort of thing happens to the best of us.

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Still misleading on guns …

Yes, people are calling for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment … At the crack of dawn this morning, CNN’s Chris Cuomo replied to a tweet by saying, “this is a lot of bunk. no one calling for 2A repeal. Stop with the bogeymen.” That’s when Commentary’s Noah Rothman stepped in with five prominent calls for the repeal of the Second Amendment — just since Monday. According to Rothman, those calling for repeal included a former Supreme Court justice, a GWU law professor, an Esquire op-ed, A Seattle Times op-ed, and a Democratic candidate in California.

This doublespeak by liberal journalists isn’t going to work any more. For decades, they’ve hid their anti-freedom agenda by saying they weren’t calling for the banning of all guns or the repeal of the Second Amendment. But that is what the end goal has always been. And now prominent people are coming out and saying it.

It wasn’t grassroots … CNN really wants you to believe that the march to suppress natural rights over the weekend was a purely grassroots effort. The network even published an article about how the “March for Our Lives” event came together. It was heavy on saying it was student-organized. While mentioning the groups that really put the event on, it downplayed them as merely helping the students instead of being the main drivers.

Conner Nation …

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.