WTF MSM!? Losing Hope

· March 1, 2018  
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Hope Hicks looks out at a crowd
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An aide called Hope …

Media concerned … Yesterday, longtime Trump confidante Hope Hicks announced that she will be leaving the White House. She served as White House communications director after the lightning-quick tenure of Anthony Scaramucci. The departure has fueled the media narrative of a “White House in crisis.” We’ve learned something in the aftermath of the announcement. The media really, really liked Hicks.

In this piece by CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter and Hadas Gold, they describe how Hicks worked behind the scenes to ensure that Trump would talk to the media. It seems Hicks was the one who set up the seemingly random interviews Trump gave to the NY Times, among others. If this is true, and Hicks, a Trump loyalist, was guiding that, there is a real question as to how the White House will work that strategy in the future.

Really, Politico? … I get it, Hope Hicks is a very attractive woman. She was a model. But that doesn’t excuse Politico running a photo spread of her after she announced her resignation. Thanks to CRTV’s head of video and production, Rikki Ratliff, for pointing out this hypocrisy to me.

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It’s not even close …

Hannity dominates … It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Left-wing media pundits told us that Hannity was done after Megyn Kelly took his 9 p.m. slot and he moved to 10 p.m. on Fox. Then after Donald Trump became president, the conventional wisdom was that Fox News would see a precipitous decline without Barack Obama to kick around. Well, that hasn’t happened, and the Left really doesn’t understand Hannity’s staying power. In February, Hannity was once again atop the cable news ratings. I took a look at the ratings over at Conservative Review this morning. CNN’s ratings are worse than you can imagine.

It’s not the bots … The Left’s go-to excuse every time it seems the American people are interested in a story that is counter to its narrative is to scream “Russian bots.” Media networks like CNN dutifully join in the refrain, talking about how this or that conservative point was amplified by nefarious bots from Russia on social media. BuzzFeed’s Charlie Warzel and Miriam Elder explain how this is really a cop-out. They went to one of the men behind the website that launched the bot narrative and found out that most of what people think is driven by bots is not really bots.

You mean cult? … Apparently the Unification Church, aka “the Moonies,” which most people consider a cult, love guns. They held some kind of commitment ceremony for guns recently. So CBS News wrote about it. That’s fine. But what’s not fine is its Twitter post of the story, which tries to paint the cult as a mainstream Christian denomination. Here’s the tweet:

Really, “at a Pennsylvania church?” CBS News knew exactly what it was doing in this post. It got a two-fer, denigrating people of faith and gun-rights activists in one post.

There’s still hope …

There are some days when as a conservative, I think there’s no hope for the country. But then I remember Andrew Breitbart. He was a tireless happy warrior trying to change the culture. One of the highlights of my involvement in political commentary was when I was able to spend an hour alone with Andrew while I drove him from the airport to an event I sponsored when I ran a blog in Massachusetts. His wisdom stays with me to this day. He was taken way too soon. Can you believe it is the sixth anniversary of his untimely death? Wow.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.