WTF MSM!? The media admits Trump was right

· March 5, 2018  
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Donald Trump greets the media in the Oval Office
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Shifting winds …

Crumbling narrative … The United States media has systematically denied the existence of “no-go zones” in Europe. These zones are areas that neither police nor citizens of those countries dare to go into. Take for example this piece in The Atlantic from 2015, “Why the Muslim ‘no-go zone’ myth won’t die.” Except it is not a “myth.” Just last week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel publicly recognized the existence of “no-go areas” in her country. NewsBusters has the details. For the media, these “no-go zones” are counter to the narrative; that’s why reporters just deny the very existence of something that has been provable for a long time.

Oh, THAT crime problem … In the same vein as the non-coverage of the “no-go zones” is the ever-escalating migrant violence problem in Sweden. PowerLine’s Paul Mirengoff recounts how the New York Times slammed President Donald Trump in February 2017 after his CPAC speech, in which he mentioned the Swedish crime problem. Now that very same New York Times has documented the horrific crime wave that Trump was talking about. How bad is it? Forget guns, as Mirengoff explains: “According to the Times, there have been more than 100 incidents involving military-grade explosives in the Stockholm metro area that police have attributed to an ‘arms race’ among immigrant gangs.” The apology from the Times to Trump must be in the mail.

What socialism? … On Sunday the New York Times’ Sunday magazine featured a profile of the Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez. In the long feature, the current problems of Venezuela are discussed. Our friends over at NewsBusters noticed a very peculiar thing, however. There was no mention of how socialism is at the root of the problems in Venezuela. It was completely glossed over. Again, many in the media believe in left-wing ideologies like socialism. Publishing information that shows socialism in a bad light is counter to their narrative.

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Collusion delusion …

Shot … The New Yorker magazine just published a lengthy profile of Christopher Steele, the former British spy responsible for the DNC/Hillary Clinton campaign-funded Trump dossier. One of the claims made in the profile is that “Steele told friends that Trump supporters were using him as a ‘battering ram’ to ‘take down the whole intelligence community.’”

The piece is heavily slanted towards the narrative that any questions about Steele’s work, how FISA warrants were obtained, and the notion that Trump colluded with the Russians in 2016 are totally unwarranted. It tries to paint Steele, whose dossier has not been verified, in a good light.

Chaser … In the second episode of LevinTV host Mark Levin’s new Fox News show, “Life, Liberty, & Levin,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R. Calif., appeared for the full hour. Levin and Nunes discussed how the Obama administration used Steele’s dossier to spy on domestic political opponents. It’s must-see TV. The American Thinker has an in-depth look at the interview, which it says “raises the bar.” Here’s what Nunes had to say about the media:

The media in this country is dead. It no longer exists, and the American people need to understand this. I don’t know where it’s going to all end – if it’s dead forever – but 90% of the media is far-left-wing, and they are totally reliant on getting clicks and playing to their base and to their owners to support what their owners want.

That sounds about right.

March sadness …

My beloved UMass-Lowell Riverhawks made the jump from NCAA Division II to Division I beginning in the fall of 2013. After a four-year probationary period, all teams are finally able to participate in the postseason. This weekend, after jumping out to a 49-38 halftime lead over the UMBC Retrievers, the UML men’s basketball team cratered and ended up losing by double digits. This is my first taste of what it feels like to have your team lose during what I’m calling March sadness. I have a feeling it won’t be the last.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.