WTF MSM!? Media FINALLY notices Dem. senator’s corruption trial

· September 7, 2017  
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Sen. Bob Menendez talks to reporters outside the courthouse in Newark, N.J., Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017. The corruption trial for the New Jersey Democrat and a wealthy Florida eye doctor began on Wednesday in Newark. Seth Wenig | AP Images

Menendez trial, day one …

What party? … Yesterday the Associated Press released a story on the first day of Senator Robert Menendez’s trial for corruption and bribery. The only problem is the story got Menendez’s party affiliation wrong. Earlier this week, I covered how the NY Times left out Menedez’s Democratic Party affiliation altogether. The AP, as published on NBC News’ website, upped the ante further, calling the senator a Republican. The story was corrected, and unlike the Times, NBC added an editor’s note explaining the mistake. 

Great ad placement? … One eagle-eyed fan of CRTV’s Steven Crowder noticed something hilarious about the ad placement on the aforementioned NBC News site.

Network news ignores Menendez trial … While the cable networks covered the Menendez trial — though not at the level they would have if the senator were a Republican — NewsBusters reports that the three broadcast networks didn’t cover the first day of the trial on their evening newscasts. Only CBS actually reported on the trial at all, during its morning program. One wonders if the nets will even cover the verdict!

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2016 lives on …

The world needs one more pro-Hillary website … Clinton sycophant Peter Daou decided that the media was not sufficiently pro-Hillary in 2016, so he has started a blatantly pro-Hillary website called Verritt. Daou has been mercilessly mocked on Twitter for the move, and now Politico is getting in on the action. Politico’s media critic, Jack Shafer — who alluded to his own acrimonious history with Daou — said the site “looks like North Korean agitprop.”

Leftist writer finally gets Trump? … David Bernstein, formerly of the shuttered alt-tabloid The Boston Phoenix, now writes primarily for WGBH news in Boston and for Boston Magazine. I’ve known David for years, and we rarely see eye to eye. That said, he seems to be one of the few voices on the Left that actually gets what Trump tried to do on DACA — that is, push for a vote on the DREAM Act, which Trump has hinted he supports. Bernstein writes: “Don’t shoot the messenger: Trump’s DACA plan has a certain logic.” With Trump’s new embrace of Pelosi-Schumer, expect a lot more writing like this from columnists on the Left.

Irma … Hurricane Irma is poised to hit the mainland United States within the next 72 hours. Tropical storm winds will arrive much sooner than that. In addition to the fine reporting by the Weather Channel, here is a link to the storm page at the National Hurricane Center, which updates every three hours with new information.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.