WTF MSM!? Is media incuriosity the new normal?

· February 8, 2018  
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Still protecting …

Nothingburger? … Yesterday the media spent most of the day ignoring the texts between FBI paramours Lisa Page and Peter Strzok that intimated Barack Obama wanted to know “everything” they were doing. Until a Wall Street Journal article (paywall) came out later in the day, anonymously sourced to people “close” to the pair. The article said that Obama was merely looking for information about Russian interference so he could confront Putin with it in person. Well, that’s it. Anonymous sources told the WSJ, so the whole text is a nothingburger. Just ask CNN’s Chris Cillizza. Because that’s the media. They run cover for the Left. And, as I’ve said before, are completely incurious.

Levin clears the air … What’s missing in that line of defense? What are media types leaving out of the timeline they’ve so carefully crafted? LevinTV host Mark Levin explained on his radio show last night that three days prior to the text, congressional Democrats began asking for an FBI probe into Donald Trump. Listen to Levin break it all down. That’s a really inconvenient fact for these media types.

Mollie slays … Like you and I, Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist has had enough of the media refusing to cover damning stories about malfeasance in our justice system. Yesterday, as TWO major stories broke calling into question bias at the FBI against Donald Trump, the media was silent. Hemingway breaks it all down. She asks the question I’ve been asking for a while: Why are the media all of a sudden so incurious?

Politico VP of communications Brad Dayspring took issue with Hemingway’s characterization of his publication, saying that Politico covered a story she claimed it didn’t. Hemingway shot back that Politico didn’t cover the new, more damning, developments. After Dayspring gave her some more snark, Twitter user @KazeSkyz showed Dayspring the difference between what his organization “covered” and what it didn’t. You’ve got to see the side-by-side images.

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Blind loyalty …

Stelter happens … When writing a media column exposing media bias, I can always count on CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter to make it rain. Yesterday, as conservatives were calling his network out for ignoring the FBI text story, he went full alternate-reality in his coverage. In his daily email, Stelter, like his colleague Cillizza, called the FBI text story “debunked.” You know, because anonymous sources friendly to the subjects of the story are totally credible “debunkers.” There was a time when journalists were curious. When they followed paths that evidence led them to. Today all too many of them, including CNN’s very own Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Stelter and Cillizza, are just protectors of an ideology, not actual journalists.

Important read … You may or may not know CRTV host Steve Deace’s personal story. He grew up in an abusive household. His tweet thread on the news of White House staff secretary Rob Porter’s resignation after allegations of domestic abuse were levied by his ex-wives is well worth the read. Deace asks if the media – himself included – are more interested in the truth or the narrative.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.