WTF MSM!? More blog troubles for MSNBC’s Reid

· June 1, 2018  
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Joy Reid
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Reid’s blog woes …

Relocate the Jews … Way back in 2006, MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid was attacking CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in her blog. Why? Because Blitzer was being too nice to the Jews. The Federalist’s Bre Payton has the story of how Reid repeatedly spewed anti-Semitic tropes in her blog. Like the time in 2005 when Reid showed support for Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s call to relocate the “Zionist regime” in Israel to Europe. Reid wrote, “He [God] can’t just give you land 1,000 years ago that you can come back and claim today.” Charming.

McCain as the VA Tech shooter … Then there’s another old blog post of Reid’s with a picture of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., photoshopped onto the body of the Virginia Tech shooter. The post referred to McCain as Baghdad John. Meghan McCain called the post “beyond disgusting and disgraceful.”

Time for MSNBC to comment … Reid and MSNBC have remained mostly silent about the constant stream of revelations from her old blog. Their comments have not gone further than blaming the old anti-gay blog posts on hackers. The Hill’s media critic Joe Concha said in a tweet, “I think we’re officially at the point where MSNBC/NBC and Reid can’t avoid comment on this any longer and needs to address this in some capacity today.” Yep.

Update: After I wrote the email version of this newsletter, which has been sent, Joy Reid apologized in a statement. As CNN’s Tom Kludt notes, the apology has no “mention of the alleged hacking.”

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Buzzzzz ….

Stelter on Bee … While others on his network were busy calling out Samantha Bee for her disgusting comments aimed at Ivanka Trump, CNN media critic/ cheerleader Brian Stelter was predictably blasé about the whole affair in his newsletter Thursday night. First off, the subject of the newsletter began with, “How Sam Bee’s quip backfired.” “Sam?” That’s an awfully familiar way to refer to someone everyone else seems to call Samantha. And “quip” — is that what calling someone a “feckless c***“ is now, a quip?

When you get to the section on Bee, it’s titled “Bee’s ‘joke’ backfired.” Get it? It was just a “joke.” Of course Brian put that in quotes so it wasn’t him saying it, you see. Then, get this, Stelter dives right into comparing Bee’s remarks, which both called Ivanka Trump the C-word and said she should seduce her father, to Laura Ingraham’s remark about David Hogg’s college prospects. The two aren’t even from the same planet.

Effect … What’s the long-term effect of Stelter and the CNN gang’s constant stream of laughable takes? CNN prime-time viewership has fallen 25 percent in a year. The network was down 20 percent in total day viewers. People aren’t buying what CNN is selling.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.