WTF MSM!? Morning Joe’s RIDICULOUS attack on farmers like Devin Nunes

· February 5, 2018  
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Joe Scarborough slaps himself in the face.
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MEMOrable media missteps …

Reading past the headlines … Over the weekend, there was a particularly specious bit of #FakeNews making the rounds. The Left and its media enablers seized on House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes, telling Fox News’ Brett Baier that Nunes did not personally read the FISA warrant applications referred to in his memo. Headlines like this one at The Hill screamed, “Nunes: I did not read material summarized in the memo.” Social media was ablaze with progressives claiming that Nunes shirked his responsibilities and was making things up because he didn’t read those applications.

The headlines leave out an important piece of information. The DOJ and Nunes’ committee had an agreement that only one member would be able to review the applications. Nunes elected to have career prosecutor Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., read the warrant applications and report back to him. Proper delegation and picking the best man for the job — not to mention adhering to agreements — are marks of good leadership. You wouldn’t get that from reading just the headlines.

Just a farmer … On Saturday morning I happened across a tweet from Morning Joe Scarborough. Here’s the gist: Scarborough dissed House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes for being a “dairy farmer” and said he should “go back” to being one so as not to destroy the House Intelligence Committee. What a pompous, elitist thing to say. Implicit in the dig is that a “farmer” is incapable of rising to a leadership position in this country.

I called out Morning Joe and reminded him of the Founding Fathers, who might easily have been called the Founding Farmers. I forgot to mention Abraham Lincoln, who grew up as a farmer. The notion that you can’t lead the country if you didn’t go to the right school, haven’t “paid your dues” in a bureaucratic government job, or don’t have the right worldview is toxic. Scarborough used to know that — before he got his TV show and went all Manhattan.

Rather on the memo … This tweet from Dan Rather is pure gold:

Yes, as Jim Treacher remarked on Twitter, Rather used the words “memo” and “truth” “in the same sentence.” You’ll remember the reason that Rather was fired from CBS was for using a memo, whose information later turned out to be fabricated, that purported to show that George W. Bush was given special treatment by the Texas Air National Guard. These folks have zero shame. Absolutely none.

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Hmm …

Israeli lives don’t matter? … Tablet magazine senior writer Yair Rosenberg noticed something odd about a recent article in The Guardian that outlines the history of terrorism in cities around the world. You see, in 2300 words, there is no mention of any terrorist attack on Israel. How do you write something on the history of terrorism and leave out the frequent attacks on Israeli cities?

This will be a problem … With the advances in digital editing technology, we are rapidly entering a world in which “proof” of events that did not happen can easily be manufactured. I’m not talking about bias here. This is the ability to put words in people’s mouths in video form. I don’t often agree with Vox’s Ezra Klein, but he is spot-on here:

The tweet links to this NY Times op-ed, which looks at the chilling future of not only fake, but manufactured to be real, events presented in video format. This is something we must all be vigilant about.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.