WTF MSM!? NBC News issues correction after setting the political world on fire for a few hours

· May 4, 2018  
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Dumpster fire
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Whoopsie …

Sorry … Thursday at about 1 p.m., the political world was set ablaze by an NBC News report that the FBI wiretapped Michael Cohen, a personal lawyer for President Donald Trump. In the now-corrected story, NBC also reported that at least one phone call to the White House was included in the wiretapping. Hours later, NBC News had to correct the story to monitoring call logs, not listening in on the calls.

NewsBusters’ Curtis Houck is right, that’s a “massive correction.” MSNBC heavily promoted the story all afternoon. Then came the correction. How many sources did NBC News reporter Tom Winter have for the initial story? Did he just believe it because it would make a great scoop? Where was Winter’s editor in all of this?

Running cover … Of course everyone’s favorite media critic/cheerleader, CNN’s Brian Stelter, used his daily email newsletter to downplay the mistake. Here’s what Stelter had to say: “Key point: NBC and ABC fessed up… They corrected the error… They didn’t make excuses. Which brings us to the White House…”

See that? Nice transition to Trump. Stelter always brings media malpractice back to Trump. It’s like a broken record. Or to use the words of Stelter himself, a “repeat episode.” Which brings us to a “repeat episode” …

Sanders “credibility” crisis? … So now people at CNN, Stelter included, are pushing that Sarah Sanders is facing a “credibility crisis” after the White House press briefing yesterday. Here’s how CNN’s political director, David Chalian, described it, according to Politico’s Michael Calderone:

Um, nice way to speak for all of us, David. Spinning for the media is basically part of the press secretary’s job description. Which is what Stephen Miller is reminding the media of over on Twitter.

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Unintended consequences …

Helping Republicans? … The Free Beacon’s Matthew Continetti is out with a great analysis this morning of how the media is “killing the Democratic Party.” Continetti goes through how despite the constant negative coverage of the president, his approval numbers are rising. The media is focusing on things that vast numbers of the American people care absolutely nothing about. This is a spot-on great read.

“State-supported” … CNN chief banana-monger and White House correspondent is back at it again. Jim Acosta went on Don Lemon’s show last night and called Fox News “state-supported media.” Acosta first tried to cover up his bias by saying “a lot of people call Fox News ‘state TV.’” But later Acosta admitted that he also refers to Fox that way. I really don’t care if people like Acosta are biased; they should just make their lives easier and admit it.

And they’re off …

The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow. While I’ve not been to the Derby, I have been to Churchill Downs. On my cross-continent trip in 2015, I stopped by. I wasn’t originally going to go, but while I was eating a hot brown for dinner, the bartender mentioned that American Pharaoh, the recent Triple Crown winner, would be there. So I went, and while he didn’t race, it was very cool. Here’s my picture of him.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.