WTF MSM!? Obama-Farrakhan photo hidden by ‘journalist’ for years

· January 26, 2018  
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President Obama
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Providing cover fire …

Obama and Farrakhan … What if I told you that back in 2005, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan attended a Congressional Black Caucus event and had his picture taken with Barack Obama by a journalist. Then what if I told you said journalist subsequently gave the storage media from the camera to a member of Farrakhan’s staff so that the picture couldn’t be published? You’d probably say that I was concocting some sort of conspiracy theory. But I’m not. This story at the left-wing TPM outlines the lengths taken to make sure that the photo ­– which TPM has now published – never saw the light of day, lest it affect Obama’s political chances. Just another case of media bias.

It’s always because of the previous guy … For nearly eight years of the Obama presidency, we were told that economic malaise was the fault of George W. Bush. The media was a willing accomplice in pushing this narrative. Now that the economy has roared back, starting the day after Election Day 2016, the media is once again falling in line with the newest narrative of the Left. You see, this isn’t Trump’s economy, it’s Obama’s. Have you stopped laughing yet?

CNN is at the forefront of such coverage. You can never give credit to a Republican for a good economy; you can only give blame to a Republican for a bad one. I’m waiting for a CNN retrospective on how the Carter economic malaise was the fault of Ford and the Reagan recovery was due to Carter.

500 million, give or take … People in the state of California are proposing a law to give up to a $1,000 fine on a hard-working restaurant server who gives a plastic straw to someone who didn’t ask for one. In arguing for the law, advocates are using a stat the National Park Service uses: Americans use 500 million straws a day.

With a U.S. population over 300 million, the statistic seems plausible. There’s one problem though: The number doesn’t come from the National Park Service itself. Our friends over at Reason have tracked the statistic to reporting by a then nine-year-old. There is no other data, besides this story, and multiple news outlets have carried the statistic as fact.

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Worthwhile …

Long read … There is one journalist whom all the power players in D.C. read daily with almost a religious fervor. His name is Mike Allen. Allen used to write the Politico Playbook, a daily email highlighting the day’s top political stories. When the presidency changed hands in 2017, Allen launched Axios and continues to send a newsletter, the Axios AM daily. BuzzFeed News just published a feature profile of Allen. If you want to peek under the hood at what drives D.C. media, this is a must-read. Allen as much as anyone is responsible for the fast-paced soundbite nature of news. He is also a driving force behind the way the media treats the Trump administration.

Lizza back at CNN … During the initial stages of the #MeToo movement, a number of media personalities lost jobs due to allegations of sexual misconduct. Former New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza lost his job at the New Yorker after a story came out about him. Lizza, for his part, forcefully denied any wrongdoing. Lizza, who also has been a contributor to CNN, was removed from appearing on the air there pending an investigation. Yesterday, the network cleared Lizza to return to the airwaves. No matter what you think of Lizza politically, the fact that he was given the chance to show his side of the story is good. We’ll never know all the facts.

CNN kills relationship with YouTube star … Filmmaker Casey Neistat is one of the most successful stars on YouTube. When I’m not watching CRTV – shameless plug for you to subscribe – I’m watching YouTube. Neistat has an engaging regular vlog. That vlog helped lead to CNN acquiring Neistat’s tech startup, Beme. The deal was less for the technology behind the startup and more an attempt by CNN to capitalize on Neistat’s star power and bring a new generation to the network. It didn’t work. Neistat lets you in on why, and fellow YouTuber Philip DeFranco shares his thoughts.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.