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· November 9, 2017  
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Vroom, vroom …

Oh, USA Today … The graphics animation team at USA Today couldn’t help themselves. They really wanted to one-up the cringeworthy CNN animation of a “bump stock” in action. In a tweet, USA Today published an animated video of the types of modifications you could get on an AR-15-style weapon. After they included a — wait for it — chainsaw bayonet, they issued a clarification saying the aforementioned accessory was only one of “other possible modifications.”

Twitter had a field day … Conservative Twitter had a field day with the hilarious video and clarifications. Many users helped USA Today with other suggested modifications. Twitchy, as always, had a great roundup. My personal favorite was the melding of the AR-15 with an “elegant weapon for a more civilized age.”

Where can I buy a chainsaw bayonet … Chainsaw bayonets come from video games — most notably Gears of War — and post-apocalyptic zombie stories. Some hobbyists and small companies have, in fact, decided to sell battery-powered chainsaw bayonets, mainly as a gag accessory. Based on how long it took to do a plunge cut with the device, as seen in this YouTube video, it doesn’t seem that dangerous. The fact that USA Today included it as a modification shows how devoid of gun knowledge the MSM really is.

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Head, meet desk …

Facebook wants your nude selfies … In an effort to stop “revenge porn,” Facebook is asking users to send in nude pictures of themselves so that they can be added to an algorithm to warn users when someone posts a nude photo of them. Um … CR’s Chris Pandolfo highlighted why this is a terrible idea. Remember, these are the same folks who program your newsfeed …

MSNBC lies about Texas shooting hero … On Tuesday’s “Meet the Press Daily,” Chuck Todd was joined by New York Times reporter Yamiche Alcindor. Together, they both falsely claimed that Stephen Willeford, the man who shot the Texas mass murderer, did not stop the rampage. The Daily Wire has the rundown on this infuriating bit of fake news.

LOL fact-checkers … Poynter’s Daniel Funke has a quick retrospective on “what fact-checkers have learned in the year since Trump won.” It’s a good piece to get a grasp on how these folks think, and it highlights an unsurprising bit of bias. Angie Holan, the editor of PolitiFact — aka PolitOpinion — tells Funke, “With this administration, you can’t take anything at face value — you have to double-check everything they say to see if it’s accurate.”


Wait! What? You weren’t doing that with every single politician already? Shouldn’t the default be that people are lying to you if you are in the “fact-checking” business? Especially if that person’s last name is Clinton or Obama? Thanks to Funke for letting us in on the bias, even if he didn’t mean to.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.