WTF MSM!? The “good boy” jihadi next door

· June 7, 2017  
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Did anyone call a plumber?

What leftist leaker … One of my links to NewsBusters was bad yesterday, but the eagle-eyed media watchers over there have another find. Today they uncover that the networks are conveniently not talking about the radical history of the most recent NSA leaker, Reality Winner. Conservative Review was one of the first with the story about her love for the Iranian regime.

Public value to leaks? … CNN’s legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, said of the leaks, “Yes, it is illegal, but there is a public value to getting access to some classified information.” Toobin, of course, doesn’t get to make that decision.

Psychiatrist Joe Scarborough … In addition to having breakfast with Mika, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is an armchair psychiatrist. On “Morning Joe” yesterday, the eponymous Joe said that if Trump were still a CEO – memo to Joe, he still is, of the country – his company “would take him out, he would have a psychiatric evaluation and he would no longer be the CEO.” Thanks, doc!

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The big game …

“Washington’s Super Bowl” … The media manufactured a crisis surrounding Donald Trump and the Russians. While multiple members of Congress, of both parties, have routinely said there has been no evidence of collusion, the media still pushes the narrative. Now, James Comey is going to testify about their story, and they’re giddy. How giddy? CNN’s Chris Cillizza called the testimony “Washington’s Super Bowl.”

Fair and impartial press … UPI’s Ben Hooper had a “bizarre” tweet this morning in response to President Trump talking about Anthem leaving Ohio’s Obamacare exchanges. Hooper tweeted, “I don’t know which turn of phrase is more bizarre — ‘Obamacare victims,’ or ‘GREAT STATE of OHIO.’” The response by Hooper perfectly encapsulates why the media doesn’t get middle America. There actually are Obamacare victims. Not to be outdone by himself, Hooper followed up by saying Trumpcare is like giving people AIDS.

Jihadi was a good boy … The L.A. Times wasted ink and electrons with a story about how one of the London jihadi’s neighbors thought he was “a good boy.”  Yeah, who wanted to bring about a global caliphate and killed to move closer to one.

What say you?

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.