WTF MSM!? Trump campaign official was wiretapped

· September 19, 2017  
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So there was wiretapping after all …

CNN investigation bolsters but doesn’t prove Trump’s claim … When Donald Trump tweeted that Trump Tower had “wires tapped” in March 2017, there was outrage among the chattering class, especially at CNN, at his assertion “without evidence.” Yesterday, the CNN investigative unit raised serious questions about whether Trump was right all along. They showed that a Trump campaign official, Paul Manafort, was wiretapped. While this report doesn’t prove that Trump Tower was wiretapped, someone who worked daily at Trump Tower most certainly was.

CNN’s Stelter, ABC’s Ross, and the rest of the media owe Levin an apology … Prior to Trump’s tweet, using evidence gleaned from published reports in the New York Times and other outlets, CR Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin shared evidence that the Obama administration had obtained a FISA warrant to surveil people in the Trump campaign. If accurate, yesterday’s CNN report conclusively proves that Levin was right. CNN’s Brian Stelter went hard at Levin in March, and ABC’s Brian Ross said Levin was “conspiracy-loving.” CR’s Chris Pandolfo lays out the case that Levin is owed a huge apology.

Why the surprise? … Using the power of the government to surveil a political opponent is, as Joe Biden would say, a “big effing deal.” The media knows that. Is that why, despite numerous stories alleging that government surveillance of members of the Trump campaign had happened, the media didn’t connect the dots, as Levin did? At Mediaite, Larry O’Connor reminds CNN that it was Levin who “told us about the Manafort wiretap months ago.”

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Silence … In their respective emails last night, CNN’s media “critic”/cheerleader Brian Stelter and Chris Cillizza both briefly mentioned the wiretapping report. Cillizza told CR that he had a passing mention due to a deadline. His email was sent at 7:40 p.m. ET, while the story broke around 7:00 p.m. ET. That makes some sense. What doesn’t make sense is that despite teasing the Manafort angle in the email subject, Stelter barely mentioned the story and had no mention of how the media had gotten it so wrong — most notably himself. That’s why Stelter is not a critic of but a mere cheerleader for the chattering class.

USA Today on the case … Since Trump’s wiretapping claim, USA Today has been trying to force the DOJ to release any records regarding a wiretap of Trump or his associates. Brad Heath, an investigative reporter at the paper, said that as of last Friday, the DOJ was still saying it had no such records.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.