WTF MSM!? ‘Undocumented citizens’?

· September 12, 2017  
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Say what? …

The AP’s “undocumented citizens” … “The Associated Press Stylebook” is used by many news organizations as the standard for grammar and word usage. The guide states that the phrase “illegal immigrant” should not be used. That’s how you get to a place where the AP calls illegal immigrants “undocumented citizens” in a piece last week. NewsBusters has the whole story. The Free Beacon’s Alex Griswold notes that when news writers don’t use the phrase, it slants the news coverage. For example, his tweet from yesterday about a developing story in California.

Can you “exploit” a constitutional right? … The right to bear arms for self-defense against tyranny is a fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution. Try telling that to the folks at Politico, who ran a straight news story, NOT OPINION, about how “Antifa, white supremacists exploit loose gun laws.” You can’t exploit a fundamental right. The worldview of the “journalist” writing this article takes center stage.

Black conservative slimed by SPLC speaks out … Black conservative political science professor Carol Swain has taken to the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal to explain how the Southern Poverty Law Center smeared her for speaking out. Swain, who labeled the SPLC a hate group, was targeted as “an apologist for white supremacists.” Swain explains how she overcame the label and now wears it as a badge of honor. She explains how the SPLC’s work has led to armed men attacking the Family Research Center and Congressman Steve Scalise. It is sad that the media still takes what the SPLC says as gospel.  

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Odds and ends …

Menendez trial … Television news has not given the trial of Democratic New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez wall-to-wall coverage. But some outlets are covering the ongoing affair, which is not looking good for Menendez. American Commitment’s Phil Kerpen has compiled a handy Twitter list of people who are covering the trial. Here’s where to get all the news on the trial.

Verrit LOL … Professional Hillary Clinton sycophant Peter Daou has started the website the world has been waiting for. In his opinion, the MSM was not sufficiently pro-Hillary either during or since the election. That’s why he started Verrit, the website for Hillary supporters by Hillary supporters. No, really. I wrote about the laughable site this weekend. If you need a refresher on the honesty of the proprietor of the site, just look back at Daou’s weather report from 9/11/2016, the day that Hillary fainted.

Irma coverage … Many people have complained about the “sensationalizing” of Hurricane Irma, that it was, so to speak, overblown. I am not one of those people. Pictures coming out of the Caribbean show how devastating the storm was. This Bloomberg piece explains how the forecasted devastation was off and why, if a couple of variables were different, it wouldn’t have been. It is well worth the read.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.