WTF MSM!? What arrested Democratic staffer?

· July 26, 2017  
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Can’t break the Russia narrative …

Networks black out coverage … Yesterday, Imran Awan, an IT staffer for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was arrested at Dulles Airport trying to leave the country. To those paying attention, the story of Awan and his misdeeds has been percolating for a year. Despite the fact that Awan handled sensitive information for the former chair of the DNC, the MSM isn’t covering the story of his arrest. NewsBusters explains in full.

CNN has never covered it … Fox News has been all over the story and credited the Daily Caller with staying on it. Awan and his family have reportedly collected $4 million in taxpayer dollars for doing IT work for a variety of Democrats. A simple Google Search of Awan’s name at the domain shows 13 results. None of them are about the DWS staffer. ZERO. Nada. Zilch. Not even one.

Ditto for MSNBC … Someone working for the former head of the Democratic Party was arrested for IT work performed while she was the head. Yet CNN, as shown above, and MSNBC have never covered it online.

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Important news …

Mega millionaire water-skis while DC burns … The Boston Globe actually ran a story letting readers know what mega-millionaire Mitt Romney was doing during the Senate health care debate. Spoiler alert: He was water-skiing. No word yet on what Mark Cuban, Tom Hanks, or Tom Brady were doing during this trying time. Oh wait, Tom Terrific was working out at Foxboro and getting fitted for a sixth ring.

Despicable Deadspin … It is no secret that those of us here at CRTV are not the biggest fans of Senator John McCain. We also wouldn’t send out tweets, like Deadspin, saying this: “I don’t want to hear another fucking word about John McCain unless he dies or does something useful for once.” #civility

PolitOpinion … I showed how once again the Left’s thought police — you may know them as “fact checkers” — jumped in to attack a conservative for telling the truth. I explain PolitiFact’s laughable attempt at slamming Ricochet’s Jon Gabriel. Read it at Conservative Review.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.