WTF MSM!? Which Arabic words?

· June 22, 2017  
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Aloha snack bar?

CNN forgets a word … In what is becoming all too commonplace across the world, an American police officer was stabbed yesterday at the Flint, Michigan, airport in what authorities are investigating as an act of terrorism. In a tweeted update to the story, CNN reported the news that the “suspect said something in Arabic before stabbing officer.” By the time of that tweet, it had already been widely reported that the words used were “Allahu Akbar,” a common phrase used by Islamic extremists when carrying out attacks. By this morning, CNN was reporting on the actual words.

Breatharianism? … Sometimes CNN picks up on some really bad reporting by others. This is such a time. Oliver Darcy reports on the staggering number of media outlets who reported on the story of a couple who claimed they survive mainly by breathing and abstain, on most days, from water and food. Darcy uncovered the genesis of the story. Pro tip: you need water to survive.

“Blame it on the rain” … MSNBC’s reporting is often as real as Milli Vanilli’s singing. Tuesday night was no exception. This time, Rachel Maddow ripped off a lyric from the lip-syncing duo. When, whatever she did, she didn’t put the blame on John Ossoff for losing a special election. No, Maddow “blame[ed] it on the [‘partisan’] rain.” No, really, she did. NewsBusters has the story.

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Completely made up

Poor Eleanor … Eleanor Clift, the oft-jovial liberal pundit best known as Pat Buchanan’s foil on “The McLaughlin Group,” let out a whopper of a lie yesterday. In trying to come to terms with John Ossoff’s loss, she pondered whether Karen Handel would defund Planned Parenthood, seeing as she once worked for the abortion provider. Whut? As I uncovered in a piece at Conservative Review, no such employment ever existed. In fact, Handel has always been staunchly pro-life.

“Hateful bigotry” … Jill Filipovic, a writer on politics from a “feminist” point of view who often writes for “Cosmopolitan’s” politics page, had this to say about the Ossoff loss: “At what point is this not a failure of Democrats but toxic, vindictive voters willing to elect hateful bigots?” Never mind that the self-styled feminist is talking about a race where the woman won. Look at her words. Two things come to mind: One, if you keep calling those you disagree with “hateful bigots,” there’s a chance that a guy from Illinois is going to believe you and try to eliminate those “hateful bigots” on a baseball diamond. Two, if you keep calling those you disagree with “hateful bigots,” maybe you should look in a mirror?

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.