WTF MSM!? Why is ‘Allahu akbar’ linked to terrorism?

· November 2, 2017  
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Stunning admissions …

NYT SCOTUS reporter admits pro-abortion donations … The former chief Supreme Court reporter at the New York Times, Linda Greenhouse, just penned a memoir. In the book she outlined how “it was important to me to write a check every month and sign my name.” The check, by the way, was to abortion provider Planned Parenthood. Greenhouse claims that her donations had no bearing on her work. She wrote about abortion cases that would affect Planned Parenthood before the Supreme Court. Did she disclose her financial support of the organization when doing so? The Washington Times has the full story.

WaPo slams Democratic tax lies … Just how brazen are the Democratic lies about the GOP tax cut plan? Even the Washington Post, in a rare attack on Democrats, had to rate them as lies in this stunning fact-check. It really is sad that it is so stunning when the MSM does something like this that goes against their entire narrative.

NY Times editor slams Sarsour … Bari Weiss, a staff editor in the New York Times opinion section, took to the opinion pages of the paper today to slam the anti-Semitism of Women’s March leaders like Linda Sarsour. Weiss opines that she was all in for protesting the “genital-grabber” Donald Trump. Then, she started to notice something that made her pause: the rampant anti-Semitism of some of the people leading the marches, especially Linda Sarsour. Weiss goes through Sarsour’s troubling advocacy in a column titled: “When Progressives Embrace Hate.” Good for Weiss to call this out.

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Of course …

Bernie supporters were right; the DNC was corrupt … In a bombshell published at Politico, former DNC chair and longtime Clinton confidante Donna Brazile writes of how she was shocked at how deep the takeover of the Democratic National Committee by the Clinton campaign during the 2016 primaries really was. I expanded on my thoughts about the stunning admission at CR earlier today.

Why oh why is “Allahu akbar” linked to terrorism? … Going beyond trying to hide the fact that jihadis scream “Allahu akbar” during terrorist attacks, the media is now publishing think pieces on how the phrase is really benign, beautiful, and commonplace. That may be true, but it is also a call uttered by jihadis. Both the New York Times and CNN have published articles expressing bewilderment at why the phrase is linked with terrorism in the West. This is all part of the narrative that radical Islamic terror is in no way related to Islam.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.