WTF MSM!? Why is Bill Clinton a bad guy all of a sudden?

· November 14, 2017  
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Former US President Bill Clinton speaks during Clinton 25, a 25th Anniversary commemoration event of Clinton's presidential election, at Georgetown University in Washington, DC on November 6, 2017. SAUL LOEB | AFP | Getty Images

Curious timing …

Bubba’s a bad guy … It started as a trickle over the past few days and is building into a crescendo. The recasting of Bill Clinton — by the Left — into a pariah has begun. Take, for example, this piece by Caitlin Flanagan in The Atlantic. Flanagan says the feminist movement was wrong to protect Bill Clinton from the avalanche of accusations of sexual misconduct, assault, and even rape. The author casts this as a part of the #metoo movement. But, really, why did it take so long?

It was the vast right-wing conspiracy’s fault … Folks at the New York Times are also starting to turn on President Clinton. In today’s paper, New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg says that she now believes Juanita Broaddrick’s accusation that Clinton raped her. But it’s not enough for her to come to that conclusion on her own; no, she needs to blame “right wing disinformation” for her own and others’ reluctance. The NYT Opinion pages highlighted this on Twitter. If it wasn’t for Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News, and others telling the truth during the 1990s, well, I would have believed the truth, seems to be her argument. Typical.

Why now? … The rash of articles and opinion pieces slaying Clinton are curiously timed. If I were a cynical man, I’d even say they seem curiously coordinated. Heck, I am cynical, and that’s what I am saying. It’s as if the “journolist” list-serv email group many reporters and opinion writers were caught being a part of never ended. Erick Erickson made a prescient point this morning: “Within a year, it will be conventional wisdom that Democrats repudiated Bill Clinton and conservatives stood with Roy Moore.”

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Hacks gonna hack …

LOL Brian Stelter … Yes, I know that’s an evergreen header. What did CNN’s resident media critic/cheerleader do now? He showed his complete bias once again, and he lacks self-awareness to even realize he did. Yesterday’s big media “scoop” was that Wikileaks sent Donald Trump Jr. Twitter direct messages. Trump Jr. then released the innocuous-looking messages. Stelter, in his daily email, painted the messages in a sinister light and repeated the old line about it being against election law to “receive anything of value” from a foreign individual. Funny, I can’t remember him bringing this up in regard to the fact that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC paid a law firm that paid Fusion GPS to get intelligence ­— certainly a thing of value — from a retired foreign spy who worked with the Kremlin to build a dossier that was used to start an investigation of Donald Trump and his allies. Maybe he missed that news?

From muckrakers to Moonraker … NBC News had quite the typo in its coverage of the newest accusations against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore. NBC tweeted out that it was former James Bond actor Roger Moore against whom the accusations were lodged. No, really, they did.

Still no correction … Last week I told you about a glaring inaccuracy in a Politico article about President Trump’s former bodyguard. Politico claimed that the man used to make McDonald’s runs to get Trump hamburgers and “fried apple pies.” As noted then, McDonald’s has not served fried apple pies since 1992. I know; I was a fan. I’ve once again asked Politico’s executive editor, Blake Hounshell, when we can expect a correction. Yes, it is a relatively minor thing, but if they can’t get that right, how can we trust them on the big things?

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.