WTF MSM!? ‘You will be made to care‘

· April 6, 2018  
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No rubber chicken …

Is this a surprise? … For the second year in a row of his presidency, Donald Trump is skipping the White House Correspondents’ Association yearly dinner. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is attending and representing the administration. Why would Trump reward the one-sided, biased coverage he receives? Remember, Trump attended the Gridiron Club dinner earlier this year; it is similar in format to the dinner he is skipping.

Nailed it … CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter wrote on how Trump is “snubbing an annual celebration of the White House press corps.” That’s a media critic calling a yearly dinner a celebration of “journalists.” My friend Cape Cod Times columnist Cynthia Stead nailed it in her response to Stelter.

The press’ treatment of this president is not normal. Why would he go to their dinner and eat rubber chicken to “celebrate” their viciousness?

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“You will be made to care” …

The firing of Kevin Williamson … Last month, The Atlantic hired former National Review columnist Kevin Williamson. Almost immediately the mob on the Left went into full attack mode. Yesterday, that culminated in the firing of Williamson for a tweet and comments in a podcast about what should happen to women who have abortion. To Williamson and a lot of mainstream conservatives, abortion is murder. Williamson provocatively said those who have abortions should face capital punishment, though he used the word “hanging.”

The Atlantic knew about this, because it was well known that Williamson tweeted it. The publication’s leadership decided to terminate Williamson’s employment, which is their right. Like Sinclair, The Atlantic has every right to hire, fire, and dictate content. But The Atlantic bills itself as a journal for all viewpoints. And yesterday’s action – a complete capitulation to the Left’s mob and pitchforks – says a lot more about The Atlantic than Sinclair’s missive against biased news coverage.

Erick Erickson has been warning about this for years. The firing of Williamson is just another skirmish in the culture wars that he talks about in his book “You Will Be Made to Care.”

Proof of the mob? … This morning, when I was trying to find different viewpoints regarding the Williamson firing, I searched his name in Google, then clicked on the “News” category. I found no story from a conservative viewpoint on the firing on the first page. Here’s a screenshot of the search. If a casual news consumer was looking into the story, all he would find via Google is one-sided, slanted coverage.

Shapiro and French … Ben Shapiro and David French have some good takes on what the Williamson firing means. In a tweet thread, Shapiro argues that the “firing is how you got Trump.” To the Left and its media enablers, there is an ever-shrinking amount of conservative thought that is “acceptable.” That’s how folks like Shapiro, Williamson, and Bari Weiss get lumped by the Left into the same category as the most vile of white supremacist voices. It’s also why “Roseanne” resonates, because when the amount of acceptable speech is so narrow, as Shapiro states, virtually everyone is a “Deplorable.”

French argues that Williamson writes in the sort of long-form, personalizing style that is the bread and butter of The Atlantic. His closing paragraph is spot-on.

One final note, The Atlantic was attracted to Kevin in part because of his independence, because he was willing to say what he thought even if he infuriated members of his own ideological tribe. And he often did. In return, he didn’t face a mere news cycle of fury. He faced it for weeks that stretched into months and have now stretched into years. The Atlantic couldn’t face friendly fire for a few days. Its cowardice hurts us all.


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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.