WTF MSM!? You can’t punch reporters

· May 25, 2017  
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You can’t just beat up the media …

Nobody trusts the media … As a reader of WTF MSM!? you know that the media obfuscates, lies, has ridiculous bias, and most of all runs cover for the Left. You aren’t alone in your disdain. A new poll, highlighted by The Hill, shows that a majority of the American public, of all political stripes, thinks the media publishes “fake news.” Of course we didn’t need a poll to tell you that.

Speaking of fake news … PBS’ Frontline gave Steve Bannon the evil genius documentary treatment recently. But it’s hard to trust anything they say when one of the producers got something so wrong. Our friends at NewsBusters cover how “Bannon’s War” producer Michael Kirk told C-SPAN something blatantly false about Bannon. Kirk said, “He’d never been in the military.” Except Bannon is a seven-year navy veteran, a point the documentary actually made. This is the biased lens the documentary was made through.

No, you can’t beat up the media … Look, as we discuss here every day, there are a lot of things that the media does that can leave you infuriated. But you have to keep your cool. If you are running for office, or even if you aren’t, don’t body-slam the press. Especially don’t do it if you are a Republican candidate for congress in Montana. It will seem like the right thing to do in the moment, but really it isn’t. Fight the media with words, not fists.

Watch:Levin explains the attempted media coup against President Trump!

Say it with me, WaPo, “radical Islam” …

This isn’t that hard … Washington Post, I’d like to introduce to you Occam’s razor. The most obvious reason is usually the reason why something happened. The Post published an article entitled, “In suburban Manchester, a search for what might have motivated the attacker.” The article mentions Islamism once in passing to say Manchester doesn’t have a problem. But the London attackers came from Manchester. This isn’t hard, WaPo, it’s Islamic radicals. In this case, it’s Islamic radicals who traveled back and forth to Libya to be radicalized.

Britain stops sharing terrorist info with U.S. … As Mollie Hemingway says, the U.S. media is so anti-Trump that it has “blinded them to serious problems in our intel agencies.” The latest? The Brits have stopped sharing info about the jihad attack in Manchester with the U.S. Why? Because intelligence agencies are leaking so much to the media, according to the BBC’s Dominic Casciani.

Where’s that NSA story … Earlier this week, Circa News reported that the Obama-era NSA routinely violated the rights of Americans by spying on them. The NSA had to come clean – in secret, of course – to a FISA court that reprimanded It. Pretty shocking news, which should dwarf anything about Trump and Russia, but it was about the “scandal-free” Obama administration. As NewsBusters reports, that means it has received almost no play in the mainstream media.

Resting popeface … Conservative Review’s Nate Madden busts another media lie, this time about the reception that President Donald Trump got from the pope. Madden highlights how Pope Francis often has what can be described as “resting popeface.”

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.