WTF MSM!? Your kid’s Halloween costume is probably racist

· October 24, 2017  
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All Cultural Appropriations Eve is nigh …

No Moana, know peace … Cosmopolitan magazine set the Internet on fire yesterday when they tweeted out a link to the latest, in a long line of stop-your-cultural-appropriation pieces. This time it went after parents who allow their daughters to dress up like Moana, the popular Polynesian Disney Princess. Expect more of these stories as we rush headlong into Halloween.

David Schwimmer is a good guy … Remember when the media was up in arms that Vice President Pence never eats alone with a woman not his wife? Well they are now praising – rightfully so – TV’s Ross from “Friends,” David Schwimmer for offering a critic the option of having a third person present for an interview that would happen in his hotel room. Pre-Harvey Weinstein this story would have probably been bad for Schwimmer, as it has very patriarchal overtones.

That was awkward … MSNBC ran a segment where a reporter interviewed – in a rather confrontational manner – a U.S. Border Patrol agent showing off the samples of proposed border wall designs. As if on cue, three illegal aliens crossed the short fencing that is present on the border now. Thus proving the need for the wall. This is a must-watch.

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It’s all bananas …

Why didn’t I think of this … The Daily Caller won the Internet yesterday. Its parody video of the CNN, “This is an apple” ad was spot on. Using the CNN voice over, the video team at the Caller showed exactly what most people were thinking when they saw the CNN video.

A lot of CNN bananas … The Federalist’s David Harsanyi hit one out of the park yesterday. After CNN’s laughable attempt at branding themselves as the arbiters of “fact” vs. opinion, Harsanyi outlined “10 times CNN told us an apple was a banana.” It’s a must-read. It goes through just a small part of CNN’s history as a left-wing propaganda outlet.

Zero self-awareness … After Jimmy Carter said over the weekend that press coverage of Donald Trump is the most negative he has ever seen, and is unfair, you’d think that might shock liberals in the media into reevaluating what they’ve been doing for 10 months. Well that would be wrong. Here’s NBC’s Chuck Todd making light of the comment, and saying something about Carter wanting a job from Trump. Watch him make a fool of himself.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.