Staying intellectually honest in a ‘Republican’ era — The Conservative Conscience Ep78

Staying intellectually honest in a ‘Republican’ era — The Conservative Conscience Ep78

Daniel Horowitz

Posted December 16, 2016 06:00 AM

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Podcast Show Notes

Are we going to wait six years to hold Republicans accountable like we did during the Bush years? Are we going to lose our intellectual honesty and back everything a Republican administration does just because the Democrats are also hypocrites? Didn’t we swear to ourselves we wouldn’t repeat the mistakes of the Bush years?

In this episode of The Conservative Conscience, Daniel reveals that he is getting bad vibes about many aspects of the transition. So many Bush “globalists” are being brought on board, and the Reince Priebus establishment faction appears to be winning over Trump on many key decisions.

Consequently, now more than ever, we must not get sucked into defending bad policies and choices just because Democrats did the same or worse. It’s time to pull this administration back toward the grassroots rebellion at every opportunity we get, so we can have an administration that stands on its own veracity.

You will never find a Democrat administration with a single, major player who harbors conservative views on an issue. Yet, somehow we take it as a given that in a Republican administration the most powerful cabinet pick — secretary of State — could be given to someone who is pro-Common Core, anti-sanctions, pro-carbon tax, anti-energy independence, and a leader in the homosexual agenda.

Now we hear that John Bolton might not be picked for deputy secretary of State, while liberals such as Elliot Abrams and Richard Haass are being considered instead.

This is part of a pattern of choosing the path to least resistance. Kris Kobach was passed over as DHS secretary and likely as deputy as well for the same reason.  

Finally, we show how Democrats never surrender their principles even when they lose power. Why do we surrender ours when we win? 

John Kasich won’t even fight for a pro-life bill because he refuses to stand up to the legal profession, yet liberals have no problem thwarting federal immigration law.


“When you lack an ideological rudder, you will choose the path to least resistance every day of the week. When you surround yourself with people who likewise lack a burning passion for conservatism, they will accentuate that reluctance to fight in every situation.”

Editor's note: The title of this podcast has been edited for clarity and ease of reading.

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.