Mueller indictment finds no Russia collusion — The Buzz Ep99

Mueller indictment finds no Russia collusion — The Buzz Ep99

Deneen Borelli

Posted November 01, 2017 02:33 PM

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The Department of Justice indictment of President Trump’s former campaign head Paul Manafort and his former business partner Rick Gates, from the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller, dominated news headlines. The indictment announcement also included a guilty plea from former Trump campaign foreign policy volunteer adviser George Papadopoulos for lying to the FBI.

After months of investigation, special counsel Robert Mueller and his Democrat-heavy investigation team released their first indictment over possible collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Importantly, Mueller's indictment of Manafort and Gates had nothing to do with Russian collusion with President Trump's campaign.

The media downplayed the Manafort and Gates indictment and chose to focus on Papadopoulos.

This edition of "The Buzz" details what the indictments mean, how special counsel Robert Mueller played the public relations game with his announcements, the impact of the indictment of lobbying firms, and what to expect next.

Deneen Borelli is a political correspondent for Conservative Review. Follow her on Twitter @deneenborelli.