Christopher Smith


Christopher Smith

  • (NJ)-R
  •   | In Office Since 1981
Liberty Score®
Conservative Votes 16
Liberal Votes 32
Missed Votes 2
Liberty Score® 33%
Records as of: 08-13-2020

Liberty Score®

Conservative Review’s Liberty Score® grades members of Congress on the top 50 votes over a rolling six-year term. A letter grade is assigned to each member to help you quickly determine whether a lawmaker is supporting conservative principles. The Liberty Score® helps evaluate your representatives and senators, providing the tools necessary to separate rhetoric from reality. We don’t expect any elected officials to be perfect, but we do expect them to keep promises.

Conservative Votes 16
Liberal Votes 32
Missed Votes 2
Liberty Score® 33%
Records as of: 08-13-2020

Liberty Score Votes

Date of Vote Vote CR Position Member Vote
05/16/2020 The biggest spending bill in American history
03/14/2020 The ‘gag and vote for it’ small-business-killing coronavirus emergency legislation
12/18/2019 Advancing absurd articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump
12/17/2019 Pass a $555 billion Christmas minibus spending spree
12/06/2019 Make illegal aliens indentured servants, then give them amnesty
09/19/2019 Keep spending on autopilot
07/25/2019 Suspend the debt ceiling, cancel the budget caps, and increase spending by $321 billion
06/04/2019 Pass massive amnesty for illegal aliens with no border security
06/03/2019 Pass a $19 billion spending bill without funding for the border crisis
05/17/2019 Pass the so-called ‘Equality’ Act
04/04/2019 Reauthorize Violence Against Women Act with gun control and transgender add-ons
03/08/2019 Pass an unconstitutional bill that will encourage voter fraud
02/27/2019 Mandate universal background checks for gun purchases
02/26/2019 Overturn President Trump’s National Emergency Declaration on the border
02/15/2019 Surrender on the border wall; empower drug cartels and human traffickers
01/11/2019 Reduce accountability in Congress by making federal pay mandatory spending
12/20/2018 Release dangerous criminals from federal prisons
12/12/2018 Squash debate on US involvement in a foreign war -
12/12/2018 Pass a $900 billion farm bill with socialist policies
11/28/2018 Pass a bill that will lead to continued nation-building
09/26/2018 Pass a promise-breaking cromnibus before the election
07/25/2018 Extend a broken and almost-insolvent flood insurance program
06/27/2018 Pass amnesty with citizenship for 1.8 million illegal immigrants
03/22/2018 Pass a massive $1.3 trillion omnibus that funds Democrat priorities
02/09/2018 Vote Alert: Massive Spending, Debt Ceiling Raise, and Democrat Priorities Funded
01/11/2018 Vote Alert: Stop Unconstitutional Abuse of Americans’ Privacy
12/21/2017 Increase Spending by $81 Billion
12/20/2017 Tax Cut for America
10/12/2017 Bailout Flood Insurance Program & Spend $36.5B
10/03/2017 Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks (Point of Pain)
09/08/2017 Cut $10 Million from the EPA
09/08/2017 The Pelosi-Schumer-Trump debt limit deal
09/07/2017 Stop Subsidizing Airline Tickets
07/13/2017 Stop Government-Funded Sex Changes in the Military
06/29/2017 Defund Sanctuary Cities -
06/29/2017 Pass Kate's Law
06/08/2017 Support the Financial CHOICE Act
05/03/2017 $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill for Democrat Priorties
01/06/2017 Restore Congress' ability to stop burdensome regulations
12/06/2016 Block Impeachment of IRS Commissioner
09/29/2016 Fund Obama Priorities and Give Planned Parenthood a Raise
06/09/2016 Support Bailing Out Puerto Rico
12/18/2015 $1.1 Trillion Budget Busting Spending Bill
12/03/2015 Expand Federal Control of Education
12/03/2015 1,300 Page $305 billion Highway Bailout Bill
10/28/2015 Raise Debt by $1.5 Trillion and Increase Spending
09/30/2015 Fund Planned Parenthood and President Obama's Priorities
07/28/2015 REINs Act
06/18/2015 Obamatrade -- Fast Track Authority for TPP
03/26/2015 $500 Billion Healthcare Bill