All of this Trumpache…for what?

· June 28, 2016  
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va., Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016. Steve Helber | AP Images

The Democrats could not have possibly recruited a worse candidate than Hillary Clinton to represent them this November. She is 15 years past her prime, and radical policy views aside, is as appealing as a conflation of Nurse Ratched and nails on a chalk board. She is ubiquitously known as one of the most corrupt figures in politics. The newly released Benghazi report demonstrates how she lied to the public on numerous occasions even though she knew what was going on at the consulate in real time. Yet, with several weeks left before the party conventions, she has a more commanding lead over Donald Trump in many polls than Barack Obama had over the feckless John McCain in the most pro-Democrat environment in a generation.

As conservatives, we are tainted with all of Trump’s reality TV show antics, his indefensibly crude comments about women, his liberal Manhattan lifestyle, his woefully incoherent and inconsistent views – particularly on economic and social issues – and his petty personal feuds with people on social media, carried out like a spoiled teenage girl. At the same time, he has no discernable infrastructure to run even a B-level national campaign and has raised a paltry sum of campaign cash. He is losing every swing state and is barely leading Hillary Clinton – the worst Democrat candidate since at least Michael Dukakis – even in red states. And with Clinton and her allies spending $23.3 million in ads in swing states, Trump has not spent a penny of his much-vaunted wealth to go up on the air. Additionally, since Trump became the presumptive nominee, Obama’s approval rating has skyrocketed. To be fair, much of that is because of Republicans scoring points for him and refusing to expose and fight him on a single issue of consequence. But if Trump is able to command so much attention, and is now the party leader, where is his voice on so many of the critical, winning issues we focus on daily here at CR?

With three weeks left until Trump’s nomination becomes consummated, what exactly is the purpose of going through with this suicide mission?

I’d be the first person to tell you that it’s worth electing someone who will fight against the social transformation, even if he or she is weak on some key fiscal and economic issues, if that individual was the only choice. The two biggest threats to our country, as manifested through social transformation, are unbridled immigration, particularly from the Middle East, and the judicial tyranny that has armed the Rainbow Jihad with a license to destroy religious liberty in this country. Our civilization is hanging by a thread – caught between the assault from the pagan inquisition and the forces of Islamic jihad from within. It would be well worth electing someone who will fight the righteous fight on those two fronts.

Rather than spend the next few weeks cheering Trump with pom-poms, even his supporters need to give him an ultimatum to shape up or drop out.

To begin with, as it relates to the Rainbow Jihad, Trump has never even pretended to be on our side. To his credit, he hasn’t even pandered. He directly attacked North Carolina conservatives for standing up to the transgender freak show, he assailed Kim Davis for not listening to Anthony Kennedy, and refuses to ever discuss religious liberty.

Worse, he has shown an affinity for judicial supremacy on numerous occasions. To the extent he has shown any consistency on issues, he has been pretty steady in his view that the courts should define the contours of religious liberty. Here is what he told social conservative leaders last week, according to Jared Woodfill, one attendee of the meeting at Trump Tower:

Trump’s weakness is that he did not clearly state his views in answer to the questions asked by Tony Perkins and Kelly Shackelford about what his position is when religious freedom and the LGBT movement come into conflict, other than to say that these matters will be decided by the courts and the conservative judges he appoints. He consistently stated that he was for religious freedom and would appoint judges who would defend religious freedom.

Why don’t we just have the foxes decide the fate of the chickens in the hen house! As we’ve demonstrated over and over again, the judiciary is the impetus for the rainbow jihad, and even if Trump follows through with his promise, he will not be able to appoint enough judges to change the arc of the jurisprudential velocity in the courts. No wonder he was busy with his adolescent twitter fight yesterday and had no time to comment on the deplorable court decision.

What about immigration?

While Trump is still better than most Republicans (ignoring his pre-campaign views, at least), he is rapidly triangulating and softening his position. If conservatives obsequiously rally behind him without exacting some commitments, he will easily be off the reservation by November.

“But we can’t let Hillary win?”

Exactly, yet Trump as the GOP nominee is clearly ensuring that Hillary will indeed win – not just because of his image problems, but because he has literally failed to assemble a national campaign. As Byron York wrote this morning, “the polls, taken together, are telling Donald Trump something. They’re telling him that what he is doing now is not working.”

Rather than spend the next few weeks cheering Trump with pom-poms, even his supporters need to give him an ultimatum to shape up or drop out. If he can’t eschew his personal vendettas and reality TV narrative and focus on a coherent message that addresses many of the issues conservatives are currently fighting, in addition to assembling a presidential level campaign on the ground, the internal debate within the movement over Trump will become moot. He will lose the general election anyway. In which case, the delegates at the convention need to think long and hard about signing off on an exercise in futility. The ball is in Trump’s court and he has nobody to blame for failure—especially against such a repulsive opponent—but himself.

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Author: Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @RMConservative.