Allen West to Mark Levin: This is why I predict total Dem ‘disaster’ in November

· July 31, 2018  
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Allen West and Mark Levin
Screenshot |Fox News

Retired Lieutenant Colonel and former member of the House of Representatives Allen West joined LevinTV host Mark Levin to explain how the Democrat Party has charted its own ‘disaster’ by embracing socialism.

West, responding to Levin’s inquiry as to why the Left and the liberal media hate President Donald Trump so much, said “Donald Trump has completely exposed the Left to the point that now, there’s no doubt that they socialist. They’re telling us that they’re socialist.” (5:20)


Levin pointed to Democratic congressional candidates who are now trying to “out left-wing each other,” asking if this would spell disaster for the country, or just the Democrat Party. (6:03)

“It’s a prescription for disaster for the Democrat party, and that’s why you see that hashtag #WalkAway that is out there, because America is not about wealth redistribution. America is not about nationalizing economic production. America is not about expanding the welfare state … America is not about social egalitarianism. And really what you see the Democrat Party standing up for is what I call the culture of the participation trophy. Everybody’s got to get something for doing nothing. But someone has to pay into this for them to be able to have the free health care,” West said. (6:10)

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Author: Carmel Kookogey