Brian Stelter’s attack on Levin’s new book proves Levin’s argument in just one paragraph

· May 20, 2019  
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Exhibit A …

Painfully unaware … On Tuesday, LevinTV host Mark Levin’s new book “Unfreedom of the Press” will be out. I’ve read a review copy. As I mention in my review, the book lays bare the true nature of the media: It has become a de facto propaganda arm of the left while telling the American people it is nonpartisan. Apparently CNN’s media cheerleader/critic Brian Stelter has not read the book. Otherwise he wouldn’t have proven that central thesis in one short paragraph.

Here’s what Stelter wrote in his newsletter Sunday night:

Mark Levin’s hate-the-media book is No. 1

Right-wing commentator Mark Levin’s book “Unfreedom of the Press” comes out Tuesday. Thanks to his numerous plugs on the radio and on Fox, he’s at No. 1 on Amazon’s hardcover and paperback book chart right now, ahead of Howard Stern’s new book. His overarching message: You can’t trust the press …

Of course Stelter wasn’t attacking Levin’s book. He was just saying nonchalantly that it was a “hate-the-media” book, rather than a look at the full historical sweep of the media’s role in the American republic. He even said so himself.

This is classic Stelter, who often doesn’t say things, he just types them and puts them in his newsletter, or claims he’s just commenting on things. But what he’s really doing every moment of every day is carrying water for his leftist allies, all while claiming he’s a neutral, nonpartisan purveyor of truth.

Stelter is perhaps the least self-aware person in media today.

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But the experts … The media have a habit of portraying scientific experts’ opinions as fact. It’s something the “fact-check” industry does over and over again. There is no greater example of this than the media hysteria over climate change. Last week, the Guardian even changed its guidelines to take a more activist role in the hysteria. That’s why this article about how often “experts” are wrong on scientific predictions was so shocking to read in The Atlantic.

The article opens with a look at Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich’s fantastically wrong claim in the late 1960s about how a population boom would end in massive human misery. Ehrlich has become a serial Chicken Little, but that hasn’t stopped the media from hyping his ridiculous claims over and over again.

It then delves into the horrendous track record scientific experts have in predicting the future. These are the same scientific experts, of course, whom the media uses to call anyone who dares question climate orthodoxy “deniers.”

The full article is well worth the read.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.