Congressman-elect Chip Roy: You can’t be a secure country with $1 trillion deficits

· November 20, 2018  
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Steve Deace interviews Chip Roy

On Monday, Rep.-elect Chip Roy, R-Texas, was interviewed on CRTV’s “Steve Deace Show” about the challenges facing Republicans as they are now in the minority in the House of Representatives.

Roy told host Steve Deace that Republicans failed to keep their promises to cut spending, secure the border, and repeal Obamacare, and that is why they lost the House.

“We simply cannot look at things through the lens of freedom and security and not look at the failure that the Republicans failed to carry out with respect to spending,” Roy said.

“You cannot be a secure country, a free country, you certainly cannot be a country of limited government if you’re spending $1 trillion a year more than you take in. You cannot be a secure country if your borders are wide open and the cartels have operational control of the borders. And you cannot be a free country if you are prohibited by federal law from being able to get the health care of your choice all in the false name of providing coverage for pre-existing conditions, which it will not do in the end.”

“Yet that is what the legacy of the Republican Party is of the last two years or longer.”


Interview With Congressman-Elect Chip Roy

Chip Roy will be representing Texas' 21st Congressional District, and he knows the challenges he faces as a conservative working within the GOP.

Posted by Steve Deace Show on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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