Of course: Facebook’s most trusted anchor is Dan Rather

· March 12, 2018  
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Dan Rather as seen through a cell phone camera
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Say what? …

This explains a lot … If you’ve been scratching your head wondering why so much “fake news” circulates on social media platforms like Facebook, here’s something that may be an answer. The Columbia Journalism Review profiled the rise of Dan Rather as “Facebook’s favorite news anchor.” That’s right: The disgraced former anchor of “CBS Nightly News” who was fired for reporting on an unverified story about President George W. Bush’s military service is the “favorite news anchor” of a large number of people who use Facebook. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

About that columnist who “quit social media” … Last week I highlighted a column by the New York Times’ Farhad Manjoo, in which the author recounted unplugging from the internet and going back to reading physical newspapers. In the column the author also claimed that he refrained from social media use. But he didn’t. The Columbia Journalism Review reports on how the columnist used Twitter regularly during the period he claimed he was on a social media hiatus.

The Review found that he tweeted an average of 15 times a day. The Review also reported on the Times’ reaction to this information: “A Times spokesperson said the paper doesn’t view his assertion as a falsehood, and won’t be issuing a correction.” That response makes you wonder what exactly the Times does regard as a “falsehood.”

Apples everywhere … The known banana-mongers at CNN have set up shop at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. According to Politico’s Michael Calderone, the network has rented space in downtown Austin and decked it out in an apple theme:

A GUY HANDED OUT APPLES as you walked in the door. The bartender served apple old-fashioneds. And CNN chief Jeff Zucker held court on a couch with apple pillows. The network’s fruit-themed space in downtown Austin served to highlight its recent “Facts First” ad campaign that states how an apple is, well, an apple.

Day after day, CNN tells us that bananas are apples. It is hilarious to see the network continue to try to state otherwise.

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Disgusting …

Justifying eugenics … Last Friday, Washington Post deputy editorial page editor Ruth Marcus wrote an op-ed that would have made the most notorious eugenicists in history proud. Here’s how it opened, and it didn’t get much better from there:

There is a new push in antiabortion circles to pass state laws aimed at barring women from terminating their pregnancies after the fetus has been determined to have Down syndrome. These laws are unconstitutional, unenforceable — and wrong.

That’s right, in 2018, someone is saying that a law banning the extermination of children based on a genetic test is wrong. If you really want to get an idea of how the Left thinks, read the full piece. You may want to make sure you take a lot of deep breaths before doing so.

Obama idolatry … With a subheading like that, you may think that I’m about to engage in some hyperbole. I’m not. Jill Abramson, the executive editor of the New York Times from 2011 to 2014, wote in the Guardian about how she keeps a small “Obama doll in her purse.” She does this to remind herself that “the United States had a progressive, African American president until very recently.”

Here’s how the New York Times describes the role of the current executive editor, Dean Baquet.

Dean Baquet is executive editor of The New York Times, a position he assumed in May 2014. Mr. Baquet serves in the highest ranked position in The Times’s newsroom and oversees The New York Times news report in all its various forms.

The person responsible for setting the direction of news coverage at the New York Times during the heart of the Obama administration, from 2011 to 2014, has admitted to keeping an Obama idol in her purse. Yet questioning the liberal bias of the New York Times isn’t something people are supposed to be able to do.

Shovel-free …

In 2015, after a particularly bad winter, I decided to move out of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and to the South. While the ensuing years have not been snow-free, that snow is usually gone within a few hours of hitting the ground. Tomorrow, the third major nor’easter in as many weeks is about to hit the East Coast. Ouch.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.