Dan Bongino: ‘You show up at the damn White House, you understand?’

· June 7, 2018  
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Donald Trump and the Army Chorus
Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post | Getty Images

Dan Bongino, filling in for LevinTV host Mark Levin Thursday on the radio, called out the Philadelphia Eagles for planning to skip the championship White House visit Tuesday. President Trump canceled the event due to the team’s planned low attendance.

“You show up at the damn White House, you understand? You show up. I don’t care if the president is Donald Trump, Barack Obama, or George Bush, if you’re invited to the White House, it’s an honor. You show up. You can disagree with Trump … but you show up at the darn White House.”

Bongino, who was a Secret Service agent during the Obama administration, congratulated Trump for canceling the event.

“Good for the White House. I never faulted any of these professional teams for showing up on the grounds for Barack Obama. It’s what you do … you show up.”


“Head on back to Philly, thank you.”

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Author: Carmel Kookogey