Eric Bolling announces three-year contract extension with Blaze Media

· December 19, 2018  
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Eric Bolling with his bike
Blaze Media

On Wednesday, BlazeTV senior political anchor Eric Bolling appeared on the Glenn Beck Radio Program and announced that his contract with Blaze Media has been extended through 2021.

“We just did a big press release this morning that I signed with BlazeTV for three years, and I’m looking forward to working with you and Mark [Levin],” Bolling told host Glenn Beck. BlazeTV is delivering “the premier conservative content in media right now,” he added.

“I’m thrilled,” Beck said.

Bolling described “America” as “unbelievable.” “We’re in congressmen’s offices; we are in the Senate rotunda talking to senators. I spent the day yesterday at the White House with Kellyanne Conway.” He says this focus is “bringing high-level advisers and elected officials, opinions, and ideas” to the forefront along with policy.

Bolling is the host of “America” on BlazeTV, a conservative political commentary show featuring high-profile guests including first lady Melania Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and many more. A press release from Blaze Media said that in addition to extending Bolling’s contract, the annual episode order for “America” was also increased.

“Eric has played a vital role in BlazeTV’s expansion and dominance this past year in the digital video space,” said Blaze Media co-president Gaston Mooney. “His genuine and authentic approach connects with the audience as only he can. Eric consistently raises the bar, further disrupting the traditional media space. We are thrilled about what comes next with Eric Bolling at BlazeTV.”

“When we first announced ‘America’ this past summer, I received a massive amount of support from my audience and the silent majority around the country,” said Bolling. “I am thankful for and have loved connecting with fans from around the nation, who have helped make ‘America’ must-see TV. BlazeTV is building a conservative powerhouse of established marquee names and tomorrow’s up-and-coming stars. I welcome more voices to join me at the nation’s go-to network for conservative opinion.”

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