Footnotes: Crowder SUSPENDED, another known wolf, and the abuse of men

· March 14, 2018  
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Steven Crowder
Steven Crowder | CRTV

Steven Crowder: SUSPENDED

Crowder is currently on Twitter’s naughty list — #FreeCrowder

1. Apparently Twitter is not a fan of CRTV host Steven Crowder’s latest antics at SXSW.
[They suspended him, along with Jared and Sven, for a video they posted about a session Sven attended]

2. Crowder and gang are seriously some of the funniest, but also most poignant, conservatives in media right now.
[Go to CRTV and watch the full episode that got him suspended]

sven robot of lwc

Walk out

Students are walking out of class today to protest or something

1. I don’t want to diminish students speaking out. I think civic engagement is great for kids. The problem is that the mainstream media is treating this issue with such bias. Imagine if this was over abortion. Would the students receive excused absences?
[CRTV host Michelle Malkin says that it is time to look at local school boards and superintendents — what are they doing to promote and ensure school safety?]

2. While the kids want more gun laws, teachers in one part of the country are flocking to learn about guns.
[A Michigan range offered free classes for school personnel, and the response was overwhelming]

Known wolf

A Florida teen, known to authorities, killed and injured people because of his “beliefs”

1. Another known wolf struck in Florida.
[When will the FBI and local authorities who know of these dangerous people be held accountable for letting them slip through the cracks?]

The abuse of men

In today’s culture, the abuse of men is not only permitted, it is celebrated

1. Katy Perry kissed a boy and he didn’t like it.
[Why is this incident not only viewed as OK by the #MeToo Hollywood culture, but actually celebrated and used as a promotional tool?]

2. A year ago, a piece came out about adult men being lonely and not having friends. It circulated among friends and my network on social media, and everyone talked long and hard about it. But outside my direct circle, I saw little change.
[The loneliness of middle-aged men]

3. The problem is simple, if you listen to the MSM media and progressives. The problem is the straight white male. But as we see in the above examples, what if it goes deeper than that? Is it social media too? What if the problem is that society is broken because all we ever pursue is ourselves and our careers?
[Isolation is devastating to people, especially men; we need to “find our herd”]

crtv plans and lineup of hosts

Rifles & Rosary Beads

1. Movies: “A Wrinkle in Time” isn’t a good movie, but it doesn’t have to be, or something.
[Why? Because diversity]

2. Science: Famed scientist Stephen Hawking has died.
[Hawking, who lived more than 50 years after being given two years to live, died at 76]

3. Food: Waffle House is usually the last business open during catastrophes.
[Their secret?  A special menu]

4. Cars: Ford has recalled over 1.4 million cars.
[Fear that the steering wheel may fall off]

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Author: Joseph Koss

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