Gavin McInnes wrecks vicious gun-grabbing vulture Chuck D

· October 3, 2017  
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Paul A. Hebert | AP Images

A horde of opportunistic leftist vultures are now descending on the victims of the Las Vegas massacre to attack the NRA as a “terrorist” group. But in the rush to use at least 59 dead people to damage the NRA, some of these creeps are setting themselves up for pwnage.

Exhibit A: Chuck D of Public Enemy, who was demolished by CRTV host Gavin McInnes Monday.

One word: Wrecked.

But Chuck D didn’t see it that way.

His mistake.

Stay down for the count, Chuck. Stay down.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

Chris Pandolfo is a staff writer and type-shouter for Conservative Review. He holds a B.A. in politics and economics from Hillsdale College. His interests are conservative political philosophy, the American founding, and progressive rock. Follow him on Twitter for doom-saying and great album recommendations @ChrisCPandolfo.

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