‘Gutless punk’: Dan Bongino unloads on anonymous Resistance official in Trump admin

· September 5, 2018  
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Trump arms crossed at immigration roundtable
Saul Loeb | Getty Images

Wednesday on the radio, Dan Bongino subbed for LevinTV host Mark Levin and discussed a New York Times op-ed by an anonymous author. The article is purportedly by a “senior official” in the Trump administration who has “vowed to thwart” parts of Trump’s agenda.

Bongino called out the unnamed author as a “coward” and a “chump” for resisting Trump, which really means resisting the American voters who put Trump in office.

“When you object to the peaceful transition of power, the republic is finished,” Bongino said. “What else is left?”


Bongino said that the author has a duty to resign from the administration if he thinks Trump is unfit for office.

“You are a gutless punk,” Bongino said. “You don’t object to the president. You object to his ideological preferences. Even if you don’t think they’re ideological, let’s be clear, you object to his policy preferences.”

“Folks, this op-ed is a disgrace,” he added later.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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