Jimmy Kimmel doubles down on dumb health care arguments

· September 21, 2017  
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Jimmy Kimmel Live | YouTube

On Wednesday evening, talk-show host and alleged comedian Jimmy Kimmel doubled down on his attacks against Senator Bill Cassidy, R-La., and the GOP’s latest partial-rollback plan of Obamacare.

Kimmel blasted Cassidy for suggesting on CNN Wednesday that Kimmel simply didn’t understand the Graham-Cassidy bill. He also threatened to “pound” Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, who criticized Kimmel for “pushing his politics on the rest of the country.”

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“Which part don’t I understand?” Kimmel asked. “Is it the part where you cut $243 billion from federal health care assistance? Am I not understanding the part where states would be allowed to let insurance companies price you out of coverage for having preexisting conditions? Maybe I don’t understand the part of you bill where federal funding disappears completely after 2026? Or maybe it was the part where plans are no longer required to pay for essential health benefits like maternity care? Or pediatric visits?”

“Could it be, Senator Cassidy, that the problem is that I do understand, and you got caught with your GOPenis out?” Kimmel added.

Kimmel also didn’t take too kindly to Brian Kilmeade calling him a “Hollywood elite.” Kimmel claimed Kilmeade “kisses my ass like a little boy meeting Batman” whenever the two meet, as Kilmeade is “dying” to be a member of the “Hollywood elite.”

“The reason I’m talking about this (is) because my son had an open-heart surgery, then has to have two more, and because of that I learned that there are kids with no insurance in the same situation,” the late-night host said. “I don’t get anything out of this, Brian, you phony little creep. Oh, I’ll pound you when I see you.”

This line of thinking is really problematic. Jimmy Kimmel simplistically thinks the government is a magical Pez dispenser that can willy-nilly give people health care, without any cost. CRTV congressional correspondent Nate Madden took down Kimmel’s initial monologue on health care in glorious fashion.

But there are points Kimmel made Wednesday that need to be addressed. The federal funding Kimmel loves subsidizes health insurance companies and gives the insurance cartel leverage to dictate prices to hospitals. This is partly what drives up the cost of health care and forces consumers to go to the insurance companies to pay for the care they need. Insurance companies win precisely because they’re propped up by the government and Obamacare.

As for the mandated “essential benefits” (things like forcing men to buy coverage for pap smears), those drive the cost of insurance plans up and price people out of the plans they need. These regulations also force insurance companies to cancel affordable insurance plans deemed inadequate by the government.

The bottom line is the government policies Jimmy Kimmel supposedly loves are what make insurance coverage unaffordable for millions of Americans. That is the sick irony of this all.

Author: Chris Pandolfo

Chris Pandolfo is a staff writer and type-shouter for Conservative Review. He holds a B.A. in politics and economics from Hillsdale College. His interests are conservative political philosophy, the American founding, and progressive rock. Follow him on Twitter for doom-saying and great album recommendations @ChrisCPandolfo.

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