Just when you thought CNN couldn’t go any lower

· February 21, 2018  
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How low can they go?

Doxxing grandma … Now I don’t know if the elderly woman that CNN doxxed yesterday for sharing a post on Facebook is an actual grandmother, but what CNN did should still enrage you. In an effort to prove its pet Russian collusion narrative, CNN sent a reporter to the door of a Florida woman who once shared a post that CNN claims was made by Russians on Facebook. And she may have actually gone to the event with other Trump supporters.

Of course, in the video, CNN doesn’t disclose that after the election, like I told you in yesterday’s newsletter, CNN spent a lot of time on a Russian-organized anti-Trump rally with an estimated 10,000 people attending. Everybody at CNN should be ashamed of themselves. I explain in greater detail in this piece at Conservative Review.

Just to make sure we are all clear: CNN sent a reporter to an elderly woman’s house and broadcast her name just because she once shared something on Facebook.

Chris Cuomo … Not to be outdone by others at his network, CNN’s Chris Cuomo shared a post by a 20-year-old who claimed he bought an AR-15 in five minutes without an ID. The problem is, the kid didn’t. He got the store to let him take a picture with an AR-15 in his hands in five minutes. He never bought the gun. So a background check wasn’t performed. Without the ID, he wouldn’t have been able to actually buy the gun. Nevertheless, Cuomo persisted. The Daily Wire has all the details.

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A two-headed coin …

The “same program” … The Free Beacon’s Alex Griswold noticed something really odd about two headlines at the Washington Post in the aftermath of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida: the way it covered the same JROTC program in two different headlines.

Notice in the second headline, it is not noted that the rifle program was a JROTC program at the same high school. The NRA gave a grant to a JROTC group. That’s not problematic in the least. Also the team was an “air rifle” team, not shooting ordinary rifles. Nothing will stop the narrative, though.

“Pro-gun rant?” … Earlier this week, the Supreme Court decided not to hear a case on the constitutionality of a ten-day waiting period to buy a gun in California. Justice Clarence Thomas penned a dissent, something that it is quite literally his job to do when he disagrees. Enter the folks at ThinkProgress to say that Thomas penned a “pro-gun rant.” These are not serious people.

Newsweek retracts bot-net Franken story … Unhack the Vote is a group that purports to examine the influence of nefarious electronic actors on “matters related to voting, constitutional rights, and national security.” When the stories about Al Franken surfaced during the initial wave of the #MeToo movement, the organization apparently convinced Newsweek that an alt-right bot network was responsible for giving increased traction to the stories in which women alleged that Al Franken sexually harassed them. Well, Newsweek has now retracted the story. Here’s what is now written on the page where the article used to be.

Newsweek has retracted its story about a conservative botnet effort to force the resignation of Senator Al Franken.

The initial report was based on research conducted by Unhack The Vote, a group examining outside influence in U.S. elections and politics. It alleged that a “decidedly alt-right” botnet “weaponized” anti-Franken stories and amplified pressure on Franken to resign after allegations of sexual misconduct. Newsweek was unable to independently verify their claims after a further review of their work.

Newsweek regrets the error.

While the story never should have been published, kudos to Newsweek for admitting the error.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.