Mark Levin: ‘Wake the hell up!’ A blue wave is happening — and it means impeachment

· August 23, 2018  
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Word impeachment with hands pointing to it
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Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin told his audience to “wake the hell up” to the reality of a midterm election blue wave that could lead to President Trump’s impeachment.

Levin noted that Democratic leaders like Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., are downplaying talk of impeachment to lull Republican voters into a false sense of security. Listen:

“Wake the hell up! There is a blue wave, and it can only be beaten by a red wave!” Levin exclaimed. “This is a five-alarm fire!”

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

Chris Pandolfo is a staff writer and type-shouter for Conservative Review. He holds a B.A. in politics and economics from Hillsdale College. His interests are conservative political philosophy, the American founding, and progressive rock. Follow him on Twitter for doom-saying and great album recommendations @ChrisCPandolfo.

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