WTF MSM!? Only orange M&Ms

· May 23, 2017  
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Journalists say the darndest things …

Only orange M&Ms … Someone made a funny list of demands for President Donald Trump’s hotel room, like one of those rock-star contract riders. For Trump it was “10 – 2 Liter Mountain Dew (half chilled),” “KFC paper napkins (MUST be KFC napkins),” etc. … It had me up until the “5 – maps, 2016 electoral college victory.” Some journalists were completely fooled and reported it as fact. No, really, they did.

Tweets are forever … David Leavitt, a man whose Twitter bio says he freelances for CBS, AXS, Yahoo! and more on cultural things, tweeted out this vile pile of garbage when word started trickling in of the terrorist attack in Manchester last night. Leavitt typed, “MULTIPLE CONFIRMED FATALITIES at Manchester Arena. The last time I listened to Ariana Grande I almost died too.” LOL, right? He has since deleted his tweet. Tried to apologize; if only he had realized the “magnitude of the tragedy.” Oh, and of course he’s the real victim.

Never let a tragedy go to waste … David Frum, of the Atlantic, used the horrific terrorist attack in Manchester last night to take a shot at Trump. Frum tweeted: “As we mourn Manchester, remember: for a moment of ignorant boasting, the president betrayed one of the West’s best sources inside ISIS.”  Except the president never said who gave us the intelligence he shared with the Russians; that was the leaker, in the press. But of course Journalists like Frum think they can do no wrong.

Watch Michelle Malkin and James O’Keefe discuss media malpractice on Michelle Malkin Investigates.

“That word, I don’t think it means what you think it means” …

Can’t use “terrorist” or “Islamic” … In keeping with their tradition, the MSM is not using the word terrorist when describing the jihadi who allegedly killed and maimed last night. To CBS News he’s just a “bomber.”

“All in” on absurdity …  MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tried to blame last night’s apparent jihadi attack on internal British politics. He tried to make a connection to the June 8 Parliamentary election. The NBC news foreign correspondent on with him was having nothing of it. NewsBusters has the story.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.