Shots fired — by bystanders — in foiled store robbery

· December 27, 2018  
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Police in Marysville, Washington, say two men who attempted to steal tools from a store were surrounded by customers brandishing guns as they tried to make their escape.

The suspects, 22 and 23, allegedly took four nail guns, each worth over $400, from the Coastal Farm & Ranch store and planned to pawn the items for money, The Daily Herald reports. As they attempted to flee the scene in a Honda Civic, about six customers with guns raised surrounded the vehicle.

One customer reportedly stood in front of the car and demanded the alleged thieves get out.

Court documents say the suspects drove the vehicle forward, causing the customer to land on the hood of the car. Security tape of the incident reportedly shows the vehicle pulling forward and striking the man.

The other customers began to fire, with one shooting at the driver’s side front tire and another shooting twice at the rear tire.

Police later found the suspects’ vehicle unoccupied about three blocks away with two flat tires and the stolen tools inside. The suspects were apprehended by police and were booked into the Snohomish County Jail on suspicion of first-degree theft.

When it mattered and police were not present, a vigilant group of armed citizens acted to foil a crime. Gun control advocates deny that widespread gun ownership and permitted carry make communities safer. But read stories like this and judge for yourself.

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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