The leftist defeats that are really leftist victories

· August 22, 2018  
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Michelle Wolf
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It is certainly noteworthy that Michelle Wolf’s abortion-celebrating Netflix show was canceled after mere months.

Noteworthy. But not celebratory. Because if her failure feels like a victory to you, it is clear you have no idea what game the culture is actually playing nor how to keep score. Wolf was nothing to a progressive cause that is more than willing to lose in one sense – see the financial ruin of many sectors of journalism – in order to win in another. The Left increasingly trades in propaganda that ensures there’s always another Wolf lurking around every corner.

See, when you are a progressive iconoclast, your entire mission is to break things. And as long as more of the culture gets broken, you win and you win big.

It is less a sign of failure that Wolf’s show was canceled than a victory that she was given a show to begin with. A total nobody not very long ago, she got her 15 minutes of fame by crassly attempting to humiliate White House press secretary Sarah Sanders in front of the nation.

And Netflix – a primary purveyor of culture – swooned at the carnage. Giving Wolf a spotlight was a woke middle finger to all the same people whom Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube like to troll. It also added yet one more layer of inevitability to the progressive march of history that insists you either kill the babies, confuse the genders, and harass the bakers — or you will be made to care.

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That already happened, with or without the continued success of Wolf’s show. And on a far more substantial level, the destroyed reputations of the gay priests and their progressive enablers in the Catholic Church’s hierarchy are of far less consequence than the broader damage done to the testimony and witness of the Church in all manner of cultural affairs.

Arguments about celibate gay priests and social justice and the like were never ultimately about modernizing the Church but about marching it into irrelevancy. When you consider that the Church has been elevating the clerical equivalent of Michelle Wolf into its hierarchy for decades now, that should come as no surprise. They had a job to do, and whether or not they survived it was of far less consequence than getting the job done.

They stood in their pulpits, just like Wolf did at her podium at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and year after year after year either ignored, bent, twisted, or flat-out blasphemed the Gospel into a song that has lulled the laity into a trance of either compliance or exhaustion. So much so that even when the jig was up more than a decade ago, when the original priest abuse scandals rose to the surface, standard-issue damage control techniques kicked in and sacrificial lambs were sacrificed. But nothing fundamental changed.

So now, even though an aged Cardinal Theodore McCarrick may yet be defrocked or even go to jail, it will be no more a victory than the cancellation of Wolf’s show. The young men have already been raped, the open secret has already been winked and nodded at over and over again and the cover-ups have grown bolder and bolder, while the moral authority of the Catholic Church has perished and the people have left or despaired.

How many progressive patsies wouldn’t that godless movement’s true devils sacrifice to arrive at such a fetid place?

That was the goal. That is the scoreboard we need to be looking at, not one that continues to play a game of social media “gotcha,” but one that appreciates in all its grotesque detail the darkness and depravity that we are currently surrounded by. Our list of allies grows thin, Aragorn, and we are approaching Helm’s Deep status. Get it?

Or you can just laugh at Michelle Wolf on Twitter. But have no doubt: Show or no show, she and her friends are still kicking your ass and are not about to stop.

Author: Steve Deace

Steve Deace is broadcast nationally every day on BlazeTV. He is the author of the book “Truth Bombs: Confronting the Lies Conservatives Believe (To Our Own Demise).”