#UndercoverAntifa: Crowder confronts lying college spokesman

· October 3, 2017  
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Steven Crowder | YouTube

The immoral collusion between the media, academia, and Hollywood in support of leftist causes and in opposition to the truth is getting harder to hide in the age of new media. CRTV host Steven Crowder proved that last week with an undercover video exposing Antifa’s violence and the mainstream media’s complicity in covering up for the radical, violent Left.

Despite the clear evidence of Antifa’s violent intentions at the University of Utah, a spokesman for the school denied that Antifa provided a “credible threat that warranted action.”

In a follow-up video, Crowder confronts the spokesman, Chris Nelson, with his blatant lies.


We learn here that Crowder’s previous video in fact led to arrests made the day of Ben Shapiro’s speech; that the Fox13 story denying the “credible threat” had no byline and talked to no police sources; that Chris Nelson was the only source; that Nelson is a delegate to the Utah state Democratic convention and former intern for the Clinton White House; and that Nelson never reached out to the FBI or police investigators.

In short, the Fox13 story quoting Nelson is B.S., and Crowder called him out on his B.S.

“This is yet another example of leftist media and academia collusion,” Crowder told Conservative Review. “No more lies.”

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Author: Chris Pandolfo

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