WTF MSM!? A 13-year-old makes the “sexier” list?

· November 20, 2017  
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Actress Millie Bobby Brown during the 2017 C2E2 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo at McCormick Place on April 23, 2017, in Chicago, Illinois. Barry Brecheisen/WireImage | Getty Images

Something is wrong with the culture …

Magazine celebrates 13-year-old as sexy … This is a story from a few months back, but given current headlines about harassing and even molesting young teenage girls, more people need to see it. To be sure, the headline at Affinity Magazine is misleading, because “W” magazine did not name 13-year-old “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown the “sexiest actress.” The magazine did, however, list Brown under the heading “why TV is sexier than ever.” She’s thirteen.

Brian Stelter sides with LaVar Ball … Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. One of the people who has it the worst is CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter. Last week, President Trump personally intervened on behalf of three UCLA basketball players who stood accused of shoplifting in China. The three were released and won’t be serving significant jail time in the communist country. One of the kids released was LiAngelo Ball, the son of LaVar Ball. On Sunday, Stelter took to CNN’s airwaves to say that President Trump’s response to the elder Ball’s ingratitude “sure looked like race baiting.” Stelter also said it had been two whole days since Ball made the remarks Trump was responding to, and that mattered.

What the media, especially Stelter, don’t get is that Trump’s series of Twitter responses are exactly why his supporters love him, and it has absolutely nothing to do with race. LaVar ball is pretty much considered a horrible person by everybody. Trump was merely pointing that out. Even the National Review’s Jim Geraghty, not exactly a fan of Trump, rushed to Trump’s defense.

A ridiculous attack … The National Review’s Kevin D. Williamson gratuitously attacked Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s wife over the weekend. Her crime? Appearing with her husband. Mnuchin married Scottish actress Louise Linton. Williamson, upset that she gets mentioned in the media, spent way too much time attacking her for being a trust funder and, apparently, for not really being an actress. I’m being kind here; he was way more vitriolic. There are lots of things that Republicans and the Trump administration are doing that are worthy of attack. This is just ridiculous on its face.

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The hits keep coming …

What if Ken Starr was right … The number of people lining up to take a whack at Bill Clinton is getting longer. Now it’s New York Times columnist Ross Douthat who swings the bat. In a column over the weekend, Douthat pondered that Ken Starr may have been right about Bill Clinton and that maybe it wasn’t all a GOP-led witch hunt. That maybe perjury in a sex harassment case, which led to disbarment, was a big deal. You don’t say, Ross? Of course, Douthat – who considers himself a conservative – still blamed “conservatives of the 1990s” for being so persistent and clouding his judgment. You see prior to this week, Douthat staked a “sensible middle-ground position” on the matter. One that was no doubt acceptable at D.C. cocktail parties.

A “fact-check” of satire … This ridiculousness was too good to pass up. On Friday, I wrote about a PolitiFact “fact-check” of the satire site Duffel Blog. You see, the site made a joke about deserter Bowe Bergdahl deserting his trial. It was clearly humor. But a fact-checker at PolitiFact decided to label it “Pants on Fire.” LOL. It was satire.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.