WTF MSM!? After explosive FBI texts, will media narrative change?

· December 13, 2017  
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FBI text coverage …

The smoking texts … Last night, the Department of Justice released a series of text messages between FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page showing disdain for President Trump during the 2016 election. The exchanges included calling Trump a “loathsome human” and denigrating Trump’s family during the Republican convention. The messages don’t get any better from there. Page has been assigned to Mueller’s team. For months, conservative media has been on the story of abject partisanship at the DOJ during the election and now on Mueller’s investigative team. During that same time, liberal media types with an agenda have been calling that focus akin to “abetting a cover-up.”

But now … Now that the texts have been revealed, the mainstream media can’t ignore them. They are hard evidence that people carrying out the Justice Department’s activities regarding the 2016 election are biased. They give not only credence, but proof to what conservatives have been saying. Even CNN, where media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter has been attacking Fox News and conservative media for their focus on the bias, is now covering the story. CNN had extensive coverage both on air and online. This story isn’t going away. Watching how the media covers it will be instructive.

Overwhelmingly negative … As we know, the media coverage of president Trump has been overwhelmingly negative. The Media Research Center has done a study on that coverage. This chart, shared by Fox News on Twitter, shows just how negative the coverage has been.

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Partisanship rising? …

Did “partisanship” win Alabama? … Before the votes were counted, CNN’s Chris Cillizza titled his daily email, “How partisanship won in Alabama.” His most puzzling point: “This is the new reality in our politics, a reality ushered in by Trump’s 2016 victory. Facts are fungible — and subject to the partisan lens through which you see the world. No matter which lens that is, a world without agreed-upon facts should terrify you.”

It’s as if Cillizza has lived in some sort of alternate reality since the 2000 election, and even before that. Facts have always been “subject to the partisan lens through which you see the world.” How then can you explain the mainstream media’s dismissal of Obama scandals like Benghazi and the IRS targeting of conservatives? Nothing has really changed since 2016; it’s just that Cillizza’s team is no longer in power. So he sees things differently.

Cheers at CNN when Moore lost … While remembering that news networks often have partisans on during election coverage, it is still concerning to hear audible cheering at the victory of any candidate over another on a supposedly straight news network. That’s exactly what happened last night on CNN, when it was announced that Doug Jones won in Alabama and Roy Moore lost. NewsBusters has the story on what went down.

Playboy reporter’s misogynistic attacks on Huckabee Sanders … A day after asking White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders if she had ever been sexually harassed, Playboy’s White House reporter Brian Karem kept up his misogynistic attacks on Sanders. Yesterday, Karem screamed out at the end of the press conference asking if Sanders would bring President Trump into the room. This was clearly because in his mind Sanders wasn’t up to the task of giving him the information he wanted from the administration. I wrote yesterday on how troubling the statement was.

Piers Morgan scorches Trump critics … It’s been puzzling to many American media-watchers just how seemingly pro-Trump British television host Piers Morgan has been. His stance on gun control led many American conservatives to think him liberal. Here’s another one to add to the puzzlement. Writing for the Daily Mail, Morgan said: “It’s true, we’ve NEVER had a president like Trump – he actually keeps his promises. No wonder the liberal media can’t stand him.” The piece goes through the successes of the Trump presidency that get little to no coverage in mainstream outlets. It is worth a read.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.