WTF MSM!? Bernie Sanders’ state-funded media empire

· April 23, 2018  
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Bernie Sanders interviews Bill Nye on his Facebook channel
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders Official Facebook Page

Fruit salad …

Banana mountain … CNN is continuing its hilarious lack of self-awareness campaign featuring bananas and apples. You’ll remember that last year, CNN came out with a web video featuring an apple and a banana to highlight its #FactsFirst campaign. On Sunday evening, CNN released a new video, showing a pile of bananas with a claimed apple in the middle of the pile. CNN claims it sifts through all the bananas to find the apple of truth. All I can think of is how they just report on the bananas to cover up the apple. Which is a more apt analogy?

So sorry … The NY Times’ Amy Chozick is in full promotion mode for her book about covering the Hillary Clinton campaign. To garner sympathy purchases of said book, Chozick decided to publicly apologize for reporting on news. Specifically, Chozick apologized for reporting on the Podesta emails leaked by WikiLeaks. Chozick is afraid that those emails helped elect Donald Trump, and for that she is sorry. NewsBusters’ Clay Waters has the details of the apology.

Chris “Banana” Cillizza is at it again … One of CNN’s most prolific banana-mongers, Chris Cillizza, is at it again. Over the weekend, CNN’s Dana Bash confronted White House adviser Kellyanne Conway with her husband’s critical tweets toward Donald Trump. Conway fought back swiftly and convincingly, saying that Bash would not ask the question of a male adviser to the president. Conway brought up the recent Hillary Clinton quote about Trump-voting women just following their husbands’ directions. Watch the fiery exchange.

This morning, Cillizza is claiming that Conway played the “gender card” this weekend and was “dead wrong” to do so. You see, to Cillizza and others in the left-wing media complex, the fact that a female is independent of her husband is only something progressive women can claim. It’s not something conservative or Republican women get to do. Maybe Cillizza didn’t think Bash could defend herself?

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State-funded media …

“BernieTV?” … New York magazine is out with a fascinating look at what writer Gabriel Debenedetti terms “BernieTV.” Over the past year or so, Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., has been using taxpayer-financed Senate resources to “create the biggest network possible for distributing information about public policy,” according to a former Sanders Senate staffer. Sanders’ interviews with progressive champions like Bill Nye get millions of views — and you’re paying for it. In the past, franked mail privileges were abused by representatives and senators during re-election campaigns. Now that we are in a new era, is it proper for taxpayer resources to be used to create, in effect, a Bernie-branded propaganda network?

“Anatomy of a smear” … PowerLine blog’s John Hinderaker, in addition to his other pursuits, runs a think tank called the Center of the American Experiment. Katherine Kersten, a senior fellow, documented how teachers and administrators in the Edina, Minnesota, public school system indoctrinated students who did not follow leftist ideology. That got the attention of Minnesota Public Radio, a state-funded media outlet. The organization sought to portray the article in the worst light.

Hinderaker outlines how MPR used ad hominem tactics to attack not the arguments made by Kersten, but to smear her by association: The neo-Nazi Daily Stormer shared her article, so clearly she must be a neo-Nazi herself. This is exactly how leftist media outlets have taken concern-trolling and packaged it as reporting.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.