WTF MSM!? CNN labels Trump voters ‘white supremacists by default’

· August 24, 2017  
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The wrong conclusion …

Is the media the USSR? … The National Review’s Rich Lowry has an op-ed in Politico Magazine today talking about how the media has become Trump’s Soviet Union. No, not that they are communist — which for some is debatable — but they are the unifying enemy of the Right. He makes some good points but offers no suggestions to the media. A big one would be to start actually fairly reporting the news, instead of trying to be the news.

NYT highlights WSJ editor trying to practice actual journalism … A case in point? The NY Times ran a story yesterday about how the Wall Street Journal’s editor admonished his team to stick to facts when reporting on Trump. The editor, Gerard Baker, was upset that Journal reporters were submitting pieces that were “commentary dressed up as news reporting.” The tone of the Times article makes it seem like Baker, who was trying to get his team to practice actual journalism, was in the wrong.

Media still running cover for Dem. senator on trial … The local New Jersey media is now running cover for Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., regarding the aftermath of his upcoming trial. To build the case that Menendez should stay in the Senate after a possible conviction, is highlighting that Republican Governor Chris Christie, or the next governor, would pick his replacement should he need to resign.

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It will never stop …

Token Alveda King? … CNN commentator Keith Boykin tweeted that Trump was trotting out his token black supporters. Of particular note: He called Alveda King a “token right-wing black woman.” It’s as if Boykin, who is black himself, thinks blacks can’t hold different political views from his.

CNN calls Trump voters white supremacists … CNN personalities often wonder why people loathe their network. Well, here’s a good reason. The network ran a story yesterday with the title: “‘White supremacists by default’ How ordinary people made Charlottesville possible.” The thesis goes that anyone who voted for Trump is by default a white supremacist. No, really. Not only that, but CNN sent out an alert to mobile phones saying the same thing. CNN’s alert stated: “The angry men in Charlottesville were open about hatred — but what about ordinary folks who are ‘white supremacists by default?’”

Media narrative crumbles in Boston … The default narrative coming out of the Boston free speech rally was that a couple dozen or so ruffian counter-protesters caused some trouble and were arrested for throwing pee bottles and rocks at police. Well, that narrative crumbled as police reports showed that it was upward of 2,000 “hostile” counter-protesters against police. I outlined what happened yesterday at Conservative Review.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.