WTF MSM!? CNN’s Cillizza posts photo of Trump in crosshairs

· May 16, 2018  
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Tweet from Chris Cilliza showing trump in crosshairs
Archived Tweet from Chris Cilliza |

Tone …

Threat? … CNN’s Chris Cillizza, who like his colleague Brian Stelter often complains about President Donald Trump’s tone and demeanor, sent out a tweet that included a photograph of Trump in crosshairs. Here, see for yourself. After facing serious backlash, Cillizza deleted the tweet and blamed the software he uses to make GIFs. Sorry, Chris, you saw the image on your tweet. You kept it up after seeing the image. You knew exactly what you were doing. I wonder if the Secret Service has paid you a visit yet.

Really … Wired’s Andrew Rice is out with a piece that seems to normalize the vile threats against FCC chairman Ajit Pai, including death threats. His piece, “This is Ajit Pai, nemesis of net neutrality,” includes a line from an anonymous net neutrality supporter saying, “But you’re not allowed to try to destroy the internet and then be treated well by the internet. The internet should hate him.” Remember: Pai gets death threats.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr replied to a tweet by Wired that highlighted the above quote by saying:

No policy debate justifies death threats against an official

The debate over Internet regulation is important & consumers deserve a fact-based discussion

Employing multi-Pinocchio claims about the end of the Internet to bless hate-filled threats should be condemned not praised

Carr is absolutely right.

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More on the Gaza violence …

Debunking … Despite everything the media has done to portray the attempt by Hamas to invade Israel on Monday as a peaceful demonstration met with bullets, the facts do not agree with that assessment. Conservative Review’s Jordan Schachtel bursts the media bubble in a piece titled, “The media’s ‘innocent, unarmed Palestinians’ narrative comes crashing down.”

Schachtel painstakingly breaks down how Hamas asked “protesters” to bring weapons and cheered that 50 of the 62 “protesters” killed were really members of its terrorist organization. The media is a willing accomplice in the farce. It’s not even biased coverage. It is straight-up fake news.

Whoopsie … Some in the media are letting the facts slip out, but only by accident. Here, watch an MSNBC reporter call the “protesters” unarmed, then say that they had “light weapons.” Um, which is it?

Then there’s the hilarious take of freelance journalist Sulome Anderson, who celebrated the bravery of those armed with mere “rocks & the occasional Molotov cocktail or grenade.” Uh, what? Twitchy has a great takedown of that hot take.

Questions the press isn’t asking … Commentary’s Noah Rothman has a great look at the questions the incurious media has been failing to ask about the attempted invasion of Israel on the Gaza border. Rothman’s questions for the Hamas public relations department, a.k.a. the mainstream media, are sharp and biting. He summarizes press reactions over the past few days thusly: “These reactions are the result of what must be a deliberate effort to internalize only half the story in Gaza—Hamas’s half.”

It’s as if the media also think Donald Trump’s America is the “Great Satan.”

Yanny or Laurel …

A row developed yesterday afternoon here at CRTV/Conservative Review. The culprit?  This Twitter post with audio that is obviously of a woman saying “Laurel.” Some of my colleagues, who are obviously lizard people, heard only “Yanny.” But then, this morning, I too was invaded by lizard genes, because I heard “Yanny” until I shut off the running water, and then I heard “Laurel” again.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.