WTF MSM!? Does Twitter’s @jack finally get it?

· August 8, 2018  
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The fallout continues …

Twitter stands firm … Just about every social media/internet company jumped on the ban-wagon to remove InfoWars’ Alex Jones from their services. Much to the consternation to those in the anti-free-speech media, Twitter has not banned Jones. In a defense of the site’s decision, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, aka @jack, offered a defense worth reading in a tweetstorm.

What Dorsey is telling the Oliver Darcys of the world is that they must learn to tolerate the existence and even publication of differing points of view. Absent violation of the terms of service, Twitter isn’t merely going to ban someone for thought. While there have been instances in the past where I’ve questioned Twitter’s actions, this is a good place to start, although Dorsey later said he agrees that tools need to be developed to fight disinformation and that he “can’t build a useful service without the integrity journalists bring.”

When tech giants stand for free speech against the collective weight of the left-wing anti-speech movement, we should offer our support.

Bonfire of the vanities … In 1497, Dominican Friar Girolamo Savonarola whipped the populace of Tuscany into an anti-Medici, anti-art frenzy. It culminated in the bonfire of the vanities, where art, books, and other “sinful items” were burned.  Over the past week we’ve seen the torch passed, from Savonarola to the media gatekeepers of today.

Yesterday the left-wing site Vox piled on to Alex Jones by suggesting that YouTube remove the channels of some of my colleagues at CRTV. In the tweet, which republished an October 2017 YouTube video, Vox claimed it was “not just Alex Jones.”

If you go to the 39-second mark in the video, you will see a “Brady Bunch”-style montage of the offending YouTube hosts. Prominently featured were CRTV’s Steven Crowder and Gavin McInnes.

I said earlier this week that this wasn’t going to stop at Alex Jones. I was right, quicker even than I imagined.

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No T-shirt, no peace …

Sad … Yesterday morning I was informed by the Newseum gift shop that my order of the hilarious “You Are Very FAKE NEWS” T-shirt was canceled. This morning I received formal notification of the same via email. I posted the image and “thanked” the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake and CNN’s Brian Stelter for bullying the Newseum into canceling pre-existing orders.

I wrote about the series of events, which culminated in Blake taking a bow, at Conservative Review. Thanks also to Twitchy, which took up the #FreeRobsShirt cause.

Links … Here’s what I’ve been reading and watching over the past couple of days

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  • The Atlantic: Jim Acosta’s dangerous brand of performance journalism
  • Daily Beast: Poll: 43% of GOP want to give Trump the power to shut down media
  • Daily Caller: Whitesplaining: CNN focus group lectures black Trump voter on how the president is racist
  • NewsBusters: Don Lemon thanks Ohio Dems for watching CNN at candidate’s HQ
  • NewsBusters: Nets omit Islamic ties in New Mexico kidnapping, starved children case
  • Twitchy: Texas grandmother shoots ‘masturbating bicyclist’ trying to break into her home
  • Louder with Crowder: Gun-toting grandma shoots man exposing himself to children
  • Daily Mail: Pack of wolves tear a defenceless child to pieces in shocking attack!

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.