WTF MSM!? Facebook’s Zuckerberg on Capitol Hill

· April 11, 2018  
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Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before a Senate committee hearing.
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Mr. Zuck goes to Washington …

No blows? … Brian Stelter’s CNN colleague Seth Fiegerman thinks that no blows were landed on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. That’s wishful thinking.  Of course you’d have to be a reporter for a left-wing publication like CNN to think that. Oh and if you were said reporter, you’d have video of Sen. Lindsey Graham, who had one of the worst lines of questioning, as your lead video, and you’d not mention Ted Cruz’s grilling of Zuckerberg. Those are things you’d need to make people believe your “reporting.” Give us a break.

Meanwhile, in the real world … For those of us with functioning brains, here’s what really happened yesterday. For most of the hearing, we were treated to aging senators who seemed to not understand what a computer, never mind Facebook is. But then we got to some of the Gen X senators like Cruz, Lee, and Ben Sasse. Ted Cruz led Zuckerberg down a line of questioning that had the billionaire squirming.

Cruz asked whether or not Facebook was a public forum and whether it engages in speech, as is the company’s right. Meaning, does Facebook see itself as an editor of what others share on the site? Zuckerberg answered that the company tries to stop terrorist activity and “hate speech.” Then Cruz led Zuckerberg through the history of his company’s stifling the speech and views of conservatives. Here, watch. Zuckerberg looked like he wanted to crawl into his booster seat. Sasse followed up, trying to nail Zuckerberg on what he thinks “hate speech” is. But yeah, CNN, no blows were laid, because the blows were also aimed squarely at CNN and the rest of the left-wing thought-police complex.

While we’re at bias … One of the specific questions Sasse asked Zuckerberg was whether or not Facebook would consider pro-life speech “hate speech.” It’s a germane question, given that the left-wing media loves the abortion industry, especially Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards. How much does the media like Richards? Here’s a video montage of media types asking her if she’s running for office. Cecile Richards is the perfect candidate for the left-wing media and culture.

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Mueller mania …

Lemon or a banana? … In what was supposed to be a straight news piece, CNN anchor Don Lemon wrote yesterday that because President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, said the FBI agents acted in a “professional, courteous, respectful” manner that means that Trump’s characterization of the raids on Cohen’s home, business, and hotel room was wrong. LOL. Cohen trying to mitigate what will happen to him by saying that law enforcement was “professional” in no way makes Trump’s characterization that law enforcement “broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys” false. Don, you’ve been eating way too many bananas lately.

“Don” Trump? … Before reading this section, click here to set the mood. You’re welcome. This Sunday night, George Stephanopoulos’ interview with James Comey will air. In a promo for the interview, ABC News has released a portion in which Comey compares Trump with a mafia boss. It looks like ABC is going to have one heck of a Trump Derangement Syndrome porn show on television Sunday.

“Constitutional crisis” … Carl Bernstein, who made his bones covering Watergate for the Washington Post, is out with a new hot take on the latest developments in the special counsel probe of Donald Trump. Bernstein has been hyping a “constitutional crisis” for months, and now he says that it is here. This isn’t journalism; this is dream-casting.

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Author: Rob Eno

Rob Eno is the editor of Blaze Media’s WTF MSM!? newsletter.